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Hi there everyone! Welcome to the Counters Society! The home of Count to a Million and Count to a Minus Million! Join In!!!!!
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For all those who love our cute and fluffy blue ectoplasmic detection dog, aka Stitch, aka Experiment 626
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Hi! This group is for us current Year 9s (born September 1999 to August 2000). I thought we'd make it because we have so many threads at the moment! We can see who is in our year and hopefully put all our threads in one place! :) Also, if you see any helpful threads please tell me so that I can add them (via Visitor Message, Private Message or Quoting). Send the link to any members in our year who haven't joined yet!
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Society for Irish people reared in the UK. Fresh Irish More than welcome just understand there is going to be differences to us grown up in the UK to those of us growing up in Ireland. Non Irish people welcome too if you're a fan or just nosey.
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Hello all! Welcome to TSR's very first Afghan society. I hope this page will provide TSR with an official Afghan presence and educate others about Afghan culture and Afghanistan as a nation. Feel free to join and post here :)
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Title says it all. Welcome!
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Anyone who is worrying about opening their results on the 21st August!
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For men with male pattern baldness.
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Join if you love Lana Del Rey
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Anyone from BPP university can join here and chat with dear fellow colleagues:)
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Anyone at University of West England join here and chat with your dear fellow colleagues!:)
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This group is for study help in biomedical science and related courses like biological science. It is for both undergraduate and postgraduate level, therefore making the scope wider. Help will be available in every aspect of study, like revisions, projects, assignments, confusing modules, and other areas where you feel like you need help. You will have the opportunity to ask a senior student who have already experienced and passed through that stage, who have ideas and will be ready to share them with you in other to help you in your studies. We are more of a family than a study group, come and share with us the problems you are having in your studies, for a problem shared is a problem solved. For only then will the sky be your stepping stone in your course of study.
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