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For men with male pattern baldness.
2 0
Join if you love Lana Del Rey
4 0
1 0
Anyone from BPP university can join here and chat with dear fellow colleagues:)
11 5
Anyone at University of West England join here and chat with your dear fellow colleagues!:)
12 6
This group is for study help in biomedical science and related courses like biological science. It is for both undergraduate and postgraduate level, therefore making the scope wider. Help will be available in every aspect of study, like revisions, projects, assignments, confusing modules, and other areas where you feel like you need help. You will have the opportunity to ask a senior student who have already experienced and passed through that stage, who have ideas and will be ready to share them with you in other to help you in your studies. We are more of a family than a study group, come and share with us the problems you are having in your studies, for a problem shared is a problem solved. For only then will the sky be your stepping stone in your course of study.
3 3
Anyone doing ACCA(Association of Charted Certified Accountant) can join here.:)
6 0
Open for all EDEXCEL IAL students , share revision tips and study guide and let us all excel in this !!!!
5 0
For all those fearful of The Dreamer and his prophet H.P Lovecraft
1 0
Are you writing songs? Are you just dreaming of making music? No matter how good or how bad you are at it, if you feel like making music then join this! Genre or instrument doesn't matter.
2 0
Testing Group
1 0
1 0
Just things you know... and stuff
2 0
Adult nursing warrington campus start sept 2014 want to know who is going to be starting as i am and im so looking forward to it.
1 0
Cardistry is an art form done with an ordinary deck of playing cards that everyone has laying around the house. It is not magical, but it is artistic
5 4
Do you love youtubers such as Pewdiepie, Tobuscus, Zoella, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Smosh, CutiePieMarzia, Pointlessblog, Tyler Oakley, Joey Graceffa and many more? Well this is the right group for you!
4 3
Offers :)
1 0
The TSR Gentlemen's Club is for a group of people who adhere to a certain way of life - teaching women with the respect they deserve, endorsing chivalry and commitment to wearing suits and looking their best at all times.
2 0
For anybody who loves steampunk, or is just starting to explore the wonderfulness that is steampunk, then this is the society for you
5 0
All Mandarin Chinese learners welcome!
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