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For those of mixed European and Asian decent, those Asians who love Europe, those Europeans who love Asia and the multitude of people from every background that identify with this term in some way.
5 0
Money, or more specifically control over money, represents power: the power to make things happen.
1 0
Group for cool nice people
2 0
For users of, an online political game.
1 0
A group for the surfers of TSR. The other one is both private and inactive; join here!
5 0
The club for people who think Donald Trump is a racist/dislike him. :)
18 0
A fans club for none other than the Donald himself. Trump doesn't need introductions; charismatic, strong and independent, we support him for the hope of making America Great Again!
27 2
A society dedicated to the study and celebration of roadmen. Comes with a dictionary thread as well. Learn a new language here on TSR and be multicultural. You smell me cuz?
2 0
A group for all trans/non-binary people to discuss things and get validation etc. ALL genders/pronouns are valid and accepted <3
1 0
Talk anything related to CFE Higher Chemestry
1 0
Talk anything related to pokemon
2 0
12 1
3 1
Counter Strike
1 0
For fans of heavy metal band, Black Sabbath!
12 3
For anyone who plays Dota 2. Join the discussion. Get advice, share advice, make groups, play together and defend your ancient!
1 0
20 1
This is the group based on current affairs and updates related to military, politics and other social affairs.
6 0
Share your dream dress
4 0
Those applying for Northumbria University 2016/7
1 0

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