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Cardistry is an art form done with an ordinary deck of playing cards that everyone has laying around the house. It is not magical, but it is artistic
5 4
Do you love youtubers such as Pewdiepie, Tobuscus, Zoella, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Smosh, CutiePieMarzia, Pointlessblog, Tyler Oakley, Joey Graceffa and many more? Well this is the right group for you!
4 3
Offers :)
1 0
The TSR Gentlemen's Club is for a group of people who adhere to a certain way of life - teaching women with the respect they deserve, endorsing chivalry and commitment to wearing suits and looking their best at all times.
2 0
For anybody who loves steampunk, or is just starting to explore the wonderfulness that is steampunk, then this is the society for you
4 0
All Mandarin Chinese learners welcome!
1 0
Hey members who are Capricorn and members who love to chit-chat with Capricorn members. Join here!
24 6
Mature Students doing an Access Course then following on into a Full Degree at University,help with setting up society for like minded students,guidance,general chat,importance of maintaining life/study balance.
3 0
Right so this is the group for us to have our 5 man team chatter in and so we can see how many members we actually have.
10 0
Yu-Gi-Oh society dedicated to the greatest card game of all time. Come and discuss with your fellow duelists!
2 0
Any budding musicians/performers hoping to make it in the music industry? Come chat in this group :)
4 0
Hi, this is a group for anybody who loves vintage fashion.
7 0
If you've just discovered this great little series, joint and discuss it!
1 0
Don't you want to imitate the British Pronunciation?You do. Don't you?Then join here. Here is the society for you to Learn the British Pronunciation and speak exactly like a British.
10 0
This group is a beacon for people who would like to discuss their aspirations and interests in architecture and how they plan to impact the world around them
4 0
A society for all those who love/own African Snails!
6 3
For those studying or have studied at Teesside University
1 0
A soc for all Kollywood lovers to discuss their favourite movies, actors, soundtracks and everything else Kollywood related!
4 5
Hello everyone! I recently authorized due to the fact I placed on Oxford College and I'm thinking of a variety of causes of revenue for my studies. I've been giving private tuition in mathematics and science to higher undergraduates and schoolers. I make about 20-25€ (about 16-19£) an hour. I'd therefore like additional information on private tuition how could I take care of physics, math private tuition. I'd prefer to know: 1) I read in this particular community forum I would demand about 30-40£, but the amount of these may go in fees? (Like a European person, I am just allowed to operate in britain and must spend income taxes on my British-structured income such as a United kingdom person). 2) Oxford is a comparatively little area, but features a major school: consequently, i picture the provide of private tuitions from pupils could go over the desire. How most likely would it be that we could increase a good portion of my regular monthly costs (500-600£) monthly by way of tuitions?
1 0
Come and read a few classics with us! We're still in our infancy, so forgive us if we take a while to get up to speed.
16 0

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