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Love Naruto, then you will love here!
1 0
Coffee drinkers, makers, lovers, and enthusiasts! A place for TSR Baristas to share their brew methods, favourite coffee shops, and latte art.
11 0
A social group for the 2015 MChiro applicants at the AECC.
2 0
all year 10nners feel free and chat together!
4 0
Medicinal Chemistry Students Sharing Experiences
6 0
This is a society for those who wish to discuss the analysis, implications and potential resolutions of current and future global problems or events, whether they be economic, (geo)political, societal, military, or environmental. Those wishing to join must be prepared to participate in educated discussions.
10 0
If you like banter and want to revise then join lol
1 0
A group for aspiring authors, poets or writers of any genre to share and collectively discuss their creative work or interests :)
7 0
We are all SHER LOCKED!!!
4 0
The group welcomes all lovers of the Christian faith. We share Christ and the blessed teachings of the Bible. We welcome edifying questions also and discuss issues that contribute positively to all members.
1 0
A group to demonstrate solidarity with the monarchy and Queen Elizabeth II in TSR's MHoC.
2 0
Open to all, even if you've never heard of the game :p
3 2
The group where there can be a chance to meet new people and make new friends (both for both moderators and participants). This can be incredibly important for students studying English abroad, for example and Learn more things about English under earth.
6 0
For students who are going to Sheffield Hallam University to study Child Nursing in September 2015.
3 0
For anyone who studies or is thinking of studying with The Open University (Ou)
2 0
All Sports Fans Club
2 0
A group for all fans of Crash Bandicoot for discussion and appreciation - whether you are a hardcore fan or just nostalgic about your childhood!
9 2
This is a society for all fellow Xbox users. Veterans, and newbies. We welcome you all. Let's all end this console war here, both consoles are just as good as each other! But Xbox One is better.
5 0
For anyone totally in love with TVD! :)
11 1
Inception, Following, Memento, even Doodlebug - this is a group for anyone and everyone who loves Christopher Nolan, and the films he's produced.
3 0

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