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Society created for posters in the football section, for off topic chat/banter.
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A group for Literature students!
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Mature students studying at bangor discussing accommodation etc
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I People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I Join if you feel animals deserve a voice! Animals are not our to experiment on, exploit or abuse in any other way!
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Starting University at Sheffield Hallam this September 2014? Use this group to find your coursemates, flatmates, and ask any questions you might have about life in Sheffield! :)
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If you are loving, having crush or whatever it is, join here and all your problems will be given solutions. Do not worry and just join in! This is only for whoever is loving or having problems and wants solutions to their problems. This is the right place to ask all your problems and get your love with you. True lovers? Join in
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A debating group for UKIP voters and non-UKIP voters.
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UK hardcore is a genre of music which evolved from and incorporates sound elements from happy hardcore and rave music. Both genres burgeoned towards the latter 1990s and have increasingly grown in popularity throughout the 21st century. UK Hardcore diverges from its antecedent ancestors through a characteristically "harder" style and less break-beat associated with the happy hardcore music of the 1990s.
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A society for those who are fans of the great composer Dmitri Shostakovich.
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This thread is for anyone who is interested to and want to learn Tamil. I will give the lessons. Its flexible and free of cost. No skype, nothing! Just TSR!!! You can ask all doubts here in the lessons. Learn the language soon. Click and learn after signing in TSR! If you miss a lesson, do not worry. Just see my lessons I've posted and you will be in touch with This thread is also for those who want to know all about the Hindu culture and traditions!!!
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For all Present, Past and Prospective members of the Armed Forces!
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This is a group for the fans of Three Days Grace to come, discuss the band and other things that interest them in life. Mainly to do with music and the Alternative Rock Genre.
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Richy, as us faithful god deleters would like to intimately call him, has written and produced many of the greatest works in history of all gods and not to mention mankind.
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For all those people who were privedged with home education and all those who are interested in it even if you do not agree with it.
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A group concerned with the political phase of the Situationist International as well as any schools of thought which have been influenced by the S.I.
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A group for those who love Britain and everything about Britain.
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You love combing, cutting, curling, straightening, perming, colouring and many more. Do you love doing hairstyles. Come on. Let's see the latest trends and ways of doing the hair.
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A place for Agnostics and interested non-Agnostics to socialise and discuss topics referring to Agnosticism.
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We feel that the world is full of inequalities, evil and lack of justice. From AIDs to a woman having acid thrown on their face to fathers' not having equal rights to rape to natural disasters to starving and underprivileged children to murder to child abuse to FGM/circumcision, the list goes on. For me, personally: I wanna do something about it and make a difference. Even if it is the smallest change, at least I will have done something. This society is designed so that members can discuss and share ideas on how to make a difference, from something simple as: reducing your carbon footprint to something major as: setting up a project abroad to help with a natural disaster. Members can also suggest issues that they feel that needs to be tackled. Obviously, I understand we are somewhat limited in our resources and power. But, I will strive to make whatever difference I can.
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Pretend that you are a dashing cavalry officer, a dour, middle-aged mill owning bachelor, a quick-witted younger daughter with no prospects for love, or a heaving-bosom young lady in the Regency period. No experience with literature required whatsoever.
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