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Although Quakers have been around since the 1650s, our faith is modern and contemporary in its approach.
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All things Lana ❤
17 14
A group for all Chechens!
2 0
One had to be created for the appreciation of one of the finest colleges of the University of Oxford.
7 0
For those who love the works by 'New Age' ( an umbrella term for various downtempo music intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation, and optimism.) artists such as Yiruma, Ludovico Einaudi, Giovanni Allevi etc.
3 4
a group for any fellow MIKA fans to discuss our favourite singer
5 4
For people whom like Praying Mantids, Tarantulas, Centipedes, Millipedes, Bugs. COME, CONFRONT YOUR FEAR!
3 5
For people whom like reptiles of all sorts, i.e Snakes, Dragons, Lizards, Tortoises.
6 1
The group for people would love/like baking, making pastries and eating them :cookie:
20 0
Society dedicated to the sensational TV show Hannibal Fannibals and Will Graham fans, welcome!
5 0
This is a society for people who dream of speaking multiple languages and become polyglots! We have a complete beginners to native speakers, so everyone is welcome! Languages range from Welsh to Arabic to Russian to Chinese... You name it! Join in the fun:D
56 0
This is a group for students of the University of East London.
43 5
A group for Keble College students and applicants, graduates and rejects. Made for the common share of experience and knowledge enhancement.
5 0
This is a society around the hobby of lucid dreaming. We discuss everything from what a lucid dream is to the many techniques used to induce them. If you're new to lucid dreaming, don't worry, we'll help you out and suggest what to do.
37 0
For everyone who loves Baroque music!
16 1
Indians, Pakistanis etc. feel free to join :-)
45 0
All those intending to or currently studying at the University of Liverpool.
23 0
For people that love to watch it!
3 0
I couldn't find a society for De Montfort Uni, so I made one. For people to who are trying to apply and for people already there just to chat about the university and other stuff like accommodation I guess. Enjoy XD
6 0
A group for those people who want to show solidarity to the Arab peoples. A group for people who want to discuss the progressive ideology of Ba'ath in it's quest in trying to unite the Arab peoples, under one republic, its anti-colonial resistance - regional or otherwise.
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