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Any budding musicians/performers hoping to make it in the music industry? Come chat in this group :)
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Hi, this is a group for anybody who loves vintage fashion.
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If you've just discovered this great little series, joint and discuss it!
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Don't you want to imitate the British Pronunciation?You do. Don't you?Then join here. Here is the society for you to Learn the British Pronunciation and speak exactly like a British.
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This group is a beacon for people who would like to discuss their aspirations and interests in architecture and how they plan to impact the world around them
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A society for all those who love/own African Snails!
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For those studying or have studied at Teesside University
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A soc for all Kollywood lovers to discuss their favourite movies, actors, soundtracks and everything else Kollywood related!
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Hello everyone! I recently authorized due to the fact I placed on Oxford College and I'm thinking of a variety of causes of revenue for my studies. I've been giving private tuition in mathematics and science to higher undergraduates and schoolers. I make about 20-25€ (about 16-19£) an hour. I'd therefore like additional information on private tuition how could I take care of physics, math private tuition. I'd prefer to know: 1) I read in this particular community forum I would demand about 30-40£, but the amount of these may go in fees? (Like a European person, I am just allowed to operate in britain and must spend income taxes on my British-structured income such as a United kingdom person). 2) Oxford is a comparatively little area, but features a major school: consequently, i picture the provide of private tuitions from pupils could go over the desire. How most likely would it be that we could increase a good portion of my regular monthly costs (500-600£) monthly by way of tuitions?
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Come and read a few classics with us! We're still in our infancy, so forgive us if we take a while to get up to speed.
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Society created for posters in the football section, for off topic chat/banter.
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A group for Literature students!
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Mature students studying at bangor discussing accommodation etc
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I People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I Join if you feel animals deserve a voice! Animals are not our to experiment on, exploit or abuse in any other way!
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Starting University at Sheffield Hallam this September 2014? Use this group to find your coursemates, flatmates, and ask any questions you might have about life in Sheffield! :)
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If you are loving, having crush or whatever it is, join here and all your problems will be given solutions. Do not worry and just join in! This is only for whoever is loving or having problems and wants solutions to their problems. This is the right place to ask all your problems and get your love with you. True lovers? Join in
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A debating group for UKIP voters and non-UKIP voters.
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UK hardcore is a genre of music which evolved from and incorporates sound elements from happy hardcore and rave music. Both genres burgeoned towards the latter 1990s and have increasingly grown in popularity throughout the 21st century. UK Hardcore diverges from its antecedent ancestors through a characteristically "harder" style and less break-beat associated with the happy hardcore music of the 1990s.
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A society for those who are fans of the great composer Dmitri Shostakovich.
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This thread is for anyone who is interested to and want to learn Tamil. I will give the lessons. Its flexible and free of cost. No skype, nothing! Just TSR!!! You can ask all doubts here in the lessons. Learn the language soon. Click and learn after signing in TSR! If you miss a lesson, do not worry. Just see my lessons I've posted and you will be in touch with This thread is also for those who want to know all about the Hindu culture and traditions!!!
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