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For all Communies/Community fans on TSR!
1 0
For all lovers of german shepherds/Alsatians
2 0
A group for qualified teachers or soon to be qualified teachers. For all those on the road to QTS! Come join the Qualified Teachers Society.
1 0
For all cubers, speedcubers, collectors, novices, experts and anyone interested in learning about the Rubik's cube and other twisty puzzles!
7 4
The place for those awesome immigrants, from abroad yet rocking the UK!!!
18 1
Is that your final answer?
9 4
Since there wasnt one, here it is! For retro and 80's music lovers.. Post away your favourites!!
6 1
For everyone who loves Orange Is The New Black
3 0
For lovers of head music of any kind from Bebop to Bass Music from Stravinsky to Suzanne Vega. Electronic or acoustic old or new.
2 0
A group that shows the most recent medical issues and/ or advances that we face in our society today.
6 0
Anyone with ASD invited. Feel free to chat about your condition with people like you.
5 0
Join if you are a NErDy person (Nitrogen, Erbium, Dysprosium)
2 0
If you a headphone freak like me then join in :). We can talk about anything and everything about headphones.
2 0
We believe that the time and place is right for a fundamental shake-up of politics in great Britain. The unchallenged advances of the state in the field of economics, politics and society is growing more and more unbearable, and it must be stopped! The trend towards fascistic tyranny must be halted before it consumes us all, and brings humanity down to defeat with it. A glorious future awaits us as members of a libertarian society, a glorious society, presided over by morals and virtue!
3 0
For the hardcore people who can drink straight vodka (no mixer).
4 0
A group for all things ROOCCKKK! \nn/ Anyone looking for gig reviews, albu, discussions, new music recommendations or general chat is in the righf place!
2 0
A Group which enables people who are applying to go to university in 2015 to come together and discuss anything from applications, where you're going, tips etc
64 0
Maths and add maths problems tips and help
9 0
1 0
Hi there everyone! Welcome to the Counters Society! The home of Count to a Million and Count to a Minus Million! Join In!!!!!
21 1

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