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  1. Heyyy. You alright? I got Drowned if you were still interested. It's sad but these things happen. It hurts to see a lot of my friends go on without me but ah well. I have other plans like I say

    If you're happy I am. I'm just delighted that you got in. I'll talk a bit more later if you're around

    ~ Silverlands
  2. Whaaat? That's awful news? I'm so sorry. No-one needs any extra pain of death :sad:

    Are you fortunate enough to have an offer? Things are a bit weird on my end. I felt my interview had gone perfect, but for some reason it can't have. I knew it was too easy! I'd have asked for harder questions really because I didn't feel as though I got to show myself fully and didn't get pushed enough :/
    Us poolies have been so bored we calculated Pembroke as most oversubscribed for Natsci. Ah well. Just annoying as 3 tsr bio natscis got offers from Pembroke, 2 of which I repeatedly had to console as they insisted they really weren't Cam material and had messed up their interview. Crazy huh? :')

    I'm in the pool and somehow still afloat. I worry that my file is perhaps lost behind a tray somewhere :')

    I have the sneakiest feeling that everything will turn out well though... and if I don't get a Cam offer I'll just go to Durham and win university challenge instead :lol:

    Do you have an offer? You so should have one! It's thanks to you I'm even in the pool, and it's great to see you back =]
  3. How'd the interview go amigo? =]
  4. I know, how awesome!! I wanted something anonymous so I went for this...
  5. Well since you had built me up a gathering of disciples I figured I should show my face
  6. Hello I have joined the league of you and Peter
  7. Haha well people don't have to do detective work to figure out who I am
    I rarely post anyway, I'm more of a silent watchful type...
  8. Oh no don't be sorry, I just misinterpreted your post. I mean I said the exact same thing as you but didn't realize that you are saying what I was saying.
  9. Saw that you're applying for biochemistry on the Sheffield stalking page - me too, your grades are outstanding though! Where else are you applying?
  10. Haha well you can just be grumpy about my thoughts Yeah exactly! The same happened to me with the Hunger Games (I read all the books before the film came out), because I was like noo, not Jennifer Lawrence! But she actually acts Katniss really well, so I let her off
    Why thank you, not as brilliant as your topic changes though Oh right..that must have been so horrible, I'm so sorry But it's completely understandable why you try to avoid them, then. You'll just have to stick to my amazing conversations to make you better instead!
    Aww that's amazing! Your friends are lucky to have you Haha I ended up sleeping slightly longer than expected today, so I'm going to have to rush to get everything done in time! And someone just rang the doorbell, and then I realised I was home alone, so I just threw on one of my dad's shirts to answer the door, and prayed it wasn't a paedo. (It was just the postman.) So as you can imagine, my morning's been pretty stressful already :P
    Hahaha no way! Well I'm definitely going to take up the challenge of defeating you then..(I'll be practicing, so be prepared :P)
    Ugh neither do I, it always makes my teeth hurt so much in the morning! Did you say you've only had your braces off for a month though? It usually gets better after a while, I just hate putting it in Haha I'm sure they did! Taking your Leeds love one step further than everyone else could Hahaha it was great, I will never regret multi-coloured braces
    Woah really?! I don't think I've ever been on the East Coast before, so I'll have to check it out. But Peterborough really has nothing beautiful about it, so prepare to be disappointed
    Me too! You've posted by far the best music on the whole of the Music Game thread :P

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    I love to run, can't sit still! Music gigs of any sort, but especially Stone Roses, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian etc. Leeds United season ticket, for my sins, Leeds Rhinos and Yorkshire CCC. Playing guitar, sleeping and meeting new people!

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