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  1. I see you're a community assistant now, I thought you were an imperial overlord of tsr or words to that effect, last time I checked. How the mighty have fallen .ACS. wonder if 'kellywood' is still going strong?
  2. Change your avatar before I do.
  3. Hey, i have been looking thorough the economics forum and you look very knowledge able.
    Can you look at this economics degree and tell me how hard the maths is?

    I would really appreciate it, as im not the best at maths and would like to choose a degree wisely.
    many thanks
  4. Oh, addionally, I have noticed that my supervisor had several academic journals awarded to be the best papers in several academic journals but not among the four top finance journals.
    I personally could not receive a bursary so I am financing by myself for my studies. This is another sort of pressure that I have thesedays, but having confidence about my path seems to be the priority number one issue.
  5. so you are a gay?
  6. Have you started a job? I know you from the economics forums
  7. Hello, sorry to bother you, but i wrote you a pm. Just in case you didn't see, i told you . I'd be very grateful if you replied, thanks! I'd totally understand if you didn't. Thanks so much for your time!
  8. Hello, it's me again Final question about the dissertation... When you met your supervisor you said you had 3 areas/topics of interest. How much reading did you do for them specifically? Or was it literally just a case of picking the 3 topics and that was it?
  9. Hey man, its going well. I finished a 12 month internship at an investment bank in markets. Wasn't able to convert it. Got a temporary job at a broker, but trying to find a more permanent role. What you up to?
  10. Gave you a PM

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