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  1. cool can i join im good at fluking the shots in :cool:although i will often miss from 2 inches as well thats a good team u got there already though thats something i'll never get the positioning,how do u knw how much spin to put and how hard to hit and the angles? i have no idea like my friend who plays in league will be like, left spin it or something i don't have a clue what he says i just hit the ball hoping it goes in
    lol a cheer leader i bet she only cheers when the opponents turn to play, put them off good plan :five:
  2. How are you and volvo group is going on . It is hoped that you will be busy usually because are a financing person. Apart of that,you are enjoying winter with chocolate and other stuff.
    Have you ever done ice-skating or paragilaiding ? both of them are my dream i love it. Bestwishes .
  3. thats what makes it an awesome thing to do but workplace dont knw that so shhh :console: u need a coach so u dont lose :rolleyes:
  4. :yep: true i know its not the most important thing and its not to employ as a first aider its more to do with ooh this person has learned a new skill, is cool is proffesional and motivated and stuff gives a good impression
    congrats thats awesome, still cool tells u have talent cos the players are quite really good well here in sheffield they are oh yes thats always a bonus :yum:
  5. true i mean yh of course qualifications and experience is more valued, just if both ppl had same experience and one had first aid then it would be useful
    awesome u won any tournaments :rolleyes: u get paid money for it as well don't u if u do well?
    my friend is also in league 2 for sheffield, me on the other hand is rubbish
  6. volvo group is multnational and wether they manufacture or assemble the parts of automobile ? What about your result if it is announced ?
  7. cool good luck with it

    u never know someone might slip on the floor and be unconcious :dontknow:
    u may not neccessarily need it but managers look for it, or i am getting some wrong career advice
    u play pool too how good are u
  8. phheew its a relief what type of job u looking to go in?

    there is a point tbh woekplace look for these qualificaations :dontknow: it got me the job in summer camp and also they payed me £25 to get the qualification muhahahaha
    but it is easy to pass it.
  9. so technically u will become a banker, now u have 2 scary responsibilities
    im not looking forward to the future economy now :afraid:
    i was told that too, after i heard them words i was like im never gonna give cpr, i only have it to boast on my cv :smug:
  10. cool and thats awesome what did u study? ah true yh we did get told that as well that some bones should break for it to be done properly and just doing it consistently. its probably something im more worried about as well if someone is in need of cpr and i end up giving them, i wouldn't know f im doing it right or wrong and it would just put me off. hmm remains a mystery :rolleyes:

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    I am a self-study CIMA student!
    Assistant Management Accountant at Fraikin Ltd
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    About me
    Well y'know, I'm just one of those boring people, same as anyone you know really.

    Working takes up a rather large percentage of my time, but outside I love to play pool and shop, trying in vain to satisfy my urges for lingerie and shoes on a very limited budget! I love to cross-stitch and bake, as well as watch Bones, Grey's Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory

    Aside from that, limericks and overt smiley useage take up most of my time, with the odd PS REVIEW thrown in!


    (By the way, you can ask anonymous questions of me at
    Academic Info
    I'm an Accountancy graduate from Coventry University - I achieved a 2:2, of which I am proud I have an MSc in Accounting & Financial Management, and I am currently studying for my CIMA. I'd love to do a PhD one day, but one step at a time!
    I don't have time for interests.... I am a Brownie leader and love playing pool or pub quizzing in my 'spare' time as well as weekly game nights (usually Monopoly with pizza) with my friends.

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