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  1. Hi there, I saw your reply to someone who wanted advice on the Deloitte application. On behalf of him, thanks for posting your reply (I'm also doing the application and was kind of wondering the same thing). I was wondering what kind of experience you have, as you seem to know a lot about the application process.

    For the 'Big 4 status' answer, does this need to be elaborated on? I don't know a lot about the process, but wouldn't this seem like a basic and 'easy way out' answer?

    Thanks once again for your advice!
  2. bramz19
    Thanks, I might take you up on that offer Nope, I couldn't do Economics to save my life, Law LLB-er over here.
  3. bramz19
    Hah, no problem man, that's just exactly what I do, compile all my notes and relevant stuff from textbooks into one set of supernotes! Ahhh, ace, what are you studying there?
  4. No problem, happy atonement!
  5. I nicked the code from somebody else haha, only problem is that if I try to paste it here it actually comes up as it would in the sig. I'll PM it to you and if you go to respond, the code should appear normally in the reply box.
  6. Yeah thats pretty much true, he's an evil visionary.
  7. Haha nice, are you a Jobs fan?
  8. Love the profile pic!

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