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  1. Ape Gone Insane
    You're either dead, or revising. I'll go with the former. :rip:

  2. Yea, that guy was a retard. Not as much as R.B.G, hence his posts got deleted. I like to leave posts like that there, just to show what some people are like.

    I'm a big fan of Kurosawa, and Ran's got to be one of my favourites. Glad to see The Seventh Seal in your 'about me' section.
  3. Epic signature, that's Ran right?
  4. Thanks :top:
  5. No worries. Anything to get into your pants.
  6. Thanks for the song. Yes that's where my name is from :-0 xxx
  7. Thank you [I think]!

    But respect for what?
  8. Ape Gone Insane
    Akira Kurosawa :sexface:
  9. obvious tbh. wear a hijab = no sense of humour!
  10. muslim, AMIRITE?

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