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  1. Hey, I've got an SGUL interview next week (medicine), just wondered if you had any advice or any past questions that could be of benefit to me? Thanks very much

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    Something for those feeling hard done by with medical admissions.

    When I applied Leeds had 3500 applicants for 250 places.

    2700 of these applicants met all the academic criteria.

    (numbers from one of dads mates who was on the panel at the time)

    Lets say each UCAS form takes 20 minutes to fairly assess. (though personally I think 30 mins is more realistic)

    So thats 900 hours of time, or 22.5 working weeks for each to be done once by one person, and we only do those who met the published academic requirements.

    Now I don't think anyone would condone only one person looking at each form, so lets up that to two.

    45 working weeks, or some-ones yearly salary appears.

    Cost thus far is therefore 20-40 grand, possibly more depending who is doing the reviewing, before we add logistics, any fees to UCAS the unis pay etc etc.

    Now lets bear in mind that the medical schools have from the 10th of october to the end of march to do all this, or twenty weeks. Realistically therefore we need to get this all done fast so we can start interviewing.

    Lets try and read/mark all the forms twice by christmas, so we have a reasonably fair view of all.

    1800 hours of work, over ten weeks assuming we don't work people too hard over christmas (uni term times and all that)

    180 hours a week, lets say we have people doing nothing but this, we need four full time people and one part time.

    Here we run into a problem, is it fair to get some random in just for this? Or
    Academic Info
    would it be fairer to get someone who teaches medicine, or is in the field to read the forms?

    Lets say therefore we get our lecturers to spend some time on it. Twenty lecturers over ten weeks, oh dear, thats nine hours a week. When will they do their research committments etc?

    I think all can agree from that very very basic break down that to do it entirely fairly (pre interview only) isn't viable. As such inevitably some form of filtering is inevitable.
    Sorry about that being so spread out, this thing has frustrating character limits.

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