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  1. :lol: Fair enough :woo:
  2. Why not a green,blue or yellow mobile phone? Why pink?
  3. Great! Thanks for the welcoming, and good luck with the acquiescing of badgering!

  4. Awesome!

    Yes, I see the 0s and think - I better reply! But if I know you're there I'll get on with some other things so that you can welcome freely. Let me know when log off - be it in 5 or 500 minutes, and I'll return to pick up the beacon.

  5. Hi PinkMobilePhone!

    I see you're online! Shall I leave the Welcome Lounge to you for a while?

  6. Hey hey! I've just had a look now and you've smashed it - so apologies it hasn't been granted sooner! All the time you're in the lounge too it will remain

    How are you doing? Everything ok?
  7. Thanks for the rep. Have a great day.
  8. Ha yeah think we are all in survival mode, good luck with the book
  9. No idea unfortunately don't know what I want with my life, what your plans?
  10. I know where has to this year gone? so much has happened

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    Where I study
    university of life
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    About me
    I'm married with 4 younglings.

    I'm a writer - check it out :

    True enough I'm NOT a student, but I joined here in 2004 and at that point I WAS a student (in fact I was just about to start university) so you'll forgive me for still sticking around here I'm sure.
    Academic Info

    BCC A Levels

    CertHE French/TESOL

    CertHE Classics
    rock / metal music, especially Alice Cooper
    chatting online
    watching films / tv series
    spending time with family

    I have a huge desire to be Xena the Warrior Princess.
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    February 2014

    Joined TSR's Welcome Squad.

    March 2014

    Joined TSR's Editorial Team

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