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  1. Ah ok that seems alright. Yeah I am just worried that since A levels count for nothing I may find the chemistry degree very hard! I shall see, I have already firmed Imperial! I look forward to it if I get the grades!
  2. Also, is it true that a lot of people drop out of the chemistry course at imperial?
  3. Hey,
    I was wondering how you coped with the workload for Chemistry at Imperial. Are you worked to death and is it particularly intense but survivable?

    How would you say the workload of chemistry Imperial compares to UCL?
    Would they be the same?
  4. Hey you inbox is full, so I though I would reply here :
    Ah I see, OK. I am doing further maths at the moment, so hopefully that should give me some help in the begininng.

    Hmmm, That is pretty helpful as well then.

    I have been PM'ing a first year chemist at Imperial, while I know that Chemistry is going to be a lot of hard work, he told me there is no time to socialise, and that all the time we will be doing work. Is that true? I don't mind the extremely hard work I will be doing but I was just wondering.

    Thanks a lot
  5. Hi, I hope it's ok to be messaging you! I've seen that you do chem at imperial, and I'm just wondering if you could give me some information?

    - what other unis did you apply to, and why did you choose imperial?
    - imperial vs UCL: do you know any ucl chem students, what do they think of their course and the uni compared to how you feel about imperial?
    - I know uni is what you make it, but what do you think of the atmosphere at imperial, the social life and the work load
    - do you get advice and help on careers etc.
    - what do you plan to do after your degree?

    thank you so much, and I'm sorry for asking so much!
  6. Teaddict
    Weren't you banned

    I guess you couldn't stay away- welcome back.
  7. Ah ok, just wondering. I went to school with him.
    He's in first year at the moment.
  8. Hi, I just noticed you're at ICL reading Chemistry.

    Don't suppose you know a guy called Oliver Connor?
  9. YAY
  10. Oh ABC, it's easy as 123!

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