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  1. ive just finished my a levels last week so have been celebrating the past few days and i deleted it because someone actually found me on fb, i havnt got a clue how, but was very creepy and scared me a bit! what you been up to?x
  2. haha(:
    i know i think we should start this convo over again with no mention of the word 'paedo'?
    and well i have finished school now so just been for job interviews blaahdy blah blah and meeting up with friends tbh. You?
  3. Hahahahaha awwwh thank you! That made my day!

    My GCSE grades are serious! I was grounded during study leave though, so that may have been a contributing factor! :P
  4. hey im good thanks you? xx
  5. well you don't know...i could be a 70 year old woman ew.ew.ew that sounds disgusting, but i can assure you 100% i am not!!
  6. hah, well you never know
  7. haha i am great thanks you?
    and i don't have a picture because you don't know who is out there, could be a 70 year old wierdo behind the computer screen :/
  8. howdy
  9. About a 30 minute drive away, so not that far. I'm assuming you're at the uni?
  10. Aha, I don't actually; I just live there. I'm still in sixth form. :')

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    Comic books - Fashion - Business/Making Money/Coming up with Business Ideas - getting Laid and all sorts of Entertaining **** !"

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