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  1. I used to take a bus away from Lerwick, do my walk and catch bus back. You need to time it carefully as they go every hour or less frequently but it's an option. That's a good site for timetables to give you an idea Sometimes I managed to catch a lift with the postman. I have done some guided tours as well through the Shetlands visitors center. At the start of my elective though weather was so awful though that I have spend most of my weekends indoors with a cup of tea .

    I have done a fair bit of crafty stuff in Lerwick. There are few historical sites that are not far away. For example an Iron Age broch within a walking distance from the hospital. I used like to go and watch seals on the way to Tesco supermarket. They also have a nice sport complex as well with a swimming pool. Again walkable from the hospital.
  2. If I remember correctly it was either 6 or 8 weeks. It has been a while (4 years ). They were quite flexible around my timetable. I had all weekends off and they allowed me a week off when my partner came over to bugger off and explore the islands. I was busy when I was there though. I did audit and used to be in early every day to do pre-op assessments. It's much slower pace than theaters in a busy hospital though. It's good though as there is less pressure to hurry thinks through and more opportunities for students to try hands of stuff without worrying about delaying the list. I did pediatric ALS when I was there as well as they had course going on.

    On my days off I used to go an explore the countryside. There was international folk festival going on,which was pretty cool. I made friends with nurses and ODP and other students staying in the accommodation and we used to go out together.

    Hospital accommodation is basic but clean and pleasant enough. There was internet access in the bedrooms, which was handy.

    There is a museum and library in town. I'm into craft so I have been exploring local textiles and woodcraft. They have all sort of different events on.

    There are few nice places to eat out as well, particularly if you like sea food.

    I think you could get away without the car. Most things are local and within walking distance from the hospital (if you like walking). There are buses within Lerwick itself but connections to other parts of the island are more tricky. It would cost you a fair bit in fuel to get your car there and back +the cost of getting it on the ferry so its worth considering how that compares to the rental.

    I don't mind the questions btw. Ask away.
  3. My elective was focused on anesthetics it was a bit intermingled with surgery though. I opted for Shetlands because I was broken and wanted to stay in UK to save money but at the same time fancied something different. The most remote DGH in the UK fitted the bill.

    Driving should be OK. Ferry crossing takes almost 12 hours and is an experience in itself (particularly if it's choppy at sea). I went by train but when my partner came over he rented a car and it was very useful. Public transport is not most frequent over there as you can imagine.

    I would advice visiting tourist office in Lerwick. We went around the islands with the maps and guides from there. I particularly enjoyed going to Unst. Look out for international folk music festival and other events.

    I didn't get bored at all.
  4. Da CorrupteD KiD
    Hi Belis

    Sorry for the really really late reply! For some reason I totally missed the message notification in the last 4 weeks. I have just got the final go ahead from Gordon's secretary so everything seems to be in order. I'm planning on driving from Bristol in fact, what do you think? I'm quite interested in general surgery so it's great to know that I'll have opportunities to get hands on. I'll also be doing a clinical audit while I'm there. My elective lasts for 8 weeks so I admit it has occured to me that it might get a little boring towards the end. That's part of the reason I want to drive there so at least I could go for a spin when it gets unbearable. Apparently there will be a few students from Aberdeen during my elective there so maybe we could do a few dinners or nights out together. Was your elective centred around anaesthetics or surgery? Or does it matter at all since it's such a small hospital? Also may I ask why you decided to do your elective in Shetland? I was initially planning on visiting the Faroe islands but apparently they have no connection with Lerwick whatsover. (no flights no ferries!) Oh well. What are the must dos or must sees based on your experience on the island? Sorry for bombarding you with so many questions! I'm just a 'wee' bit excited. Thought I might as well get practising the colloquial phrases.
  5. I had great time in Shetland. It was bloody freezing most of the time though.

    I definitely had a chance to get stuck in. They didn't have any trainee doctors in anesthetic department so I had consultant's undivided attention. It's a much slower pace so consultants had plenty of time to teach. Medical students that were with the surgeons had plenty of opportunities to be first assistants and do stuff on their own under supervision. it was very different to being a student at Manchester where you have to fight for attention and chance to do anything with 100s of other students and also junior doctors in training.

    For obvious reasons they don't do any major procedures in Shetlands. In my 2 months there the biggest operations were bowel resection for an obstruction (in the middle of the night, that was quite exciting) and emergency C-section. Also we had a joy of vulcanic ash from Iceland which stopped us from evacuating some medically ill patients that would normally go to Aberdeen but where instead stuck with us, ventilated in theaters. Other than that it's a lot of routine lists for scopes, hernias, fractures etc

    The surgeons were friendly and keen to teach. I have finally learn over there how to suture properly and a few things about wound care. It proves very useful in my current line of work.

    Have you ever been to Shetlands? It's very scenic but obviously quite slow paced and isolated. There isn't that much to do on the days off unless you are into outdoors. There is internet in the hospital accommodation, which helps.

    Feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions.
  6. thanks for le rep

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