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  1. I just do random for the bonus rewards since from my experience playing onalliance ED, they seem to lose most of the time to horde =[
    Hows your guild?
  2. Ha you'll get better the more you pvp. I'm still learning. I'd prob call myself an average pvp player tbh
  3. Yeah i'm still on ED, just starting to gear up for pvp. You into pve or pvp?
    Link me to your armory =D
  4. Still playing WoW on ED?
  5. outworn
    Baaad, to be honest. Pretty sick :puppyeyes:
    How are you?

    That's okay, random smiley strangers are gooooooooood
  6. outworn
  7. In the wonderful weather of Wigton.. rain as bad where you are? :P
  8. Thanks for the rep.

    And high five for being in Cumbria
  9. Awww thank you so much!!! I will be vlogging much more in the coming weeks, just been super busy lately! Thanks so much though, really appreciate it Hope you've had a brilliant Xmas!! xx
  10. Haha, well I'm glad I'm appreciated on here, seems half of TSR have no emotion whatsoever. But it's true, what's the pope ever done for us?

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