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I give bitches hugs. Bitches love hugs.

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  1. Will you be sticking around this term?
  2. Any article would be fantastic! There's no real deadline so entirely flexible for you to write one.
  3. Been toying with the idea of applying to be an MP but I'm literally a huge newbie and I haven't a clue what I'd write in the manifesto. Any advice?
  4. I wont have a huge amount of time as I've got exams start of next month that decide if I get into uni or not but I'm more than happy to have a look over stuff
  5. What party are you in? IRL
  6. hello, my name is emobambam. how are you? peace
  7. Suprisingly, I have, Mrs Trunchbull. I don't think they ever refer to her as Matt?!
  8. I haven't, but everyone constantly refers to you by your first name, Matt. Which is kind of a peculiar name for a female, don't you think ?
  9. You cheeky ****er
  10. My profile picture looks exactly like your avatar, hahaha.

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    King's '13
    Research Intern (Liberal Democrats)
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    Tall dark and scrawny.
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    AAB at A level. 2,1 in Politics from Keele University. MA Public Policy at King's College London 2012-13.

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