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  1. You've spent over a decade on this site - that's quite the achievement!

    I was reading that you're an anesthetist and am wondering how you are enjoying it. Are you happy with your career choice?
  2. Hey

    I was wondering if, as an FY1/2 doctor, it is possible to work 12 hour days for 7 days a week?

  3. Posted wrong place, was gonna send private message. Sorry
  4. Hi! Wondering if you could recommend some reads such as the MPS journal, please?
  5. On nhs careers I have seen jobs for example spr jobs which have a quoted salary of something like 30k-50k for example.

    As doctors aren't on agenda for change pay scales do they also move up bands in that quoted salary
  6. hello

    Just to say thankyou for advice/help over the years I've been here because i don't think I'd have had much of a chance without it.

  7. Hey!

    Just wanted to know how competitive ENT is as a specialty? I really want to gear all projects towards this but I didnt do so great in third year and wanted to know if it would be a pipe dream. I realise you to Anesthetics but you are much wiser and older!
  8. Hey Helenia,
    I am a medic hopeful and I have just written the first draft of my personal statement. Is there any chance that you could give me your email address and then please give me some feedback on what you think about it?

  9. Hello! I hope you could help me with a GCSE question on retakes. I got a C in maths by a few UMS marks and I'm really disappointed, so I've decided to re-take it along with bio in year 12. Theoretically if I got high UMS marks at AS and was very strong everywhere else, could I get in for medicine with 3A* 2A's and 5B's at GCSE? If not, do you think it would be best to complete a science degree first and apply for post-grad? I'm really worried at the moment and I'd love any advice as to what you think I should do, thank you!!
  10. So what pulled you in about Anaesthetics? It seems to be the new black in medicine!

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