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  1. Hey! Noticed you're Enter Shikari profile pic, how are you finding their new album? Are you going to any of their shows?
  2. Technically, 'Chinese' should actually be called 'Mandarin' because there are many different Chinese languages!!! Imma Cantonese speaking Chinese person btw.
  3. Friendly note: Your usertitle isn't working. All I can see is code.
  4. In the least creepy way poss, please update your blog soon, it's really interesting to read it + hear about your year abroad/your life in general.

  5. Hey can you answer this question of mine, seens as you are educated in sociology. 124747

  6. Cool what do you get up to there?

    I was a bit worried about him when I heard about fukushima
  7. Tokyo? My cousin is there How you finding it there?
  8. Hey again

    You helped alot with my essay plan. i was wondering if you could help me again. I am finding it difficult to distinguish between the abnormal division of labour and capitalism in causing class conflict. I feel as though capitalism causes the abnormal DOL's anyway which undermines Durkheims theories so much :/ I mean the forced division of labour is basically another term for control of the owners of production? Am I on the wrong track here? Are there any books you could reccomend to help me clean up this issue? Thanks
  9. your my friend on here, didn't realise :five:
  10. Your posts. Yeees. <3

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