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  1. I saw you have a blog and have begun reading You're a good writer, stick at it! It's not often I'm genuinely interested in a blog belonging to someone I don't know, so this is yay!

    I'm excited I have a new form of procrastination :woo:

    That is all
  3. My friend is going to be doing Sociology at Warwick come October! What's it like?
  4. Same to you, I'm sure it will all be worth it for the experience, I have no clue what I'm doing either and I've had much longer to prepare. :/
  5. Wow, sounds great! JASSO is the one I am 2nd on the waiting list for. I don't know what that means though and whether I am likely to get it. They give you 80000 yen a month so it would be ideal. Not getting my hopes up though! I am currently in the situation that I have two jobs, neither of which ever give me any work so it's very difficult to save up money.
  6. Oh that's cool, I did JLPT Lvl 4 before I went to Sheffield, so Lvl 3 is about twice the level of that from what I understand. I am terrified and I have had two years since the beginning of my course to get used to the idea! Mainly because I am in a relationship that I am really happy in, and I don't want to lose that over a year abroad, silly as it may sound. Do you get any funding for your year abroad? I pay half fees and I have been told I am second on the waiting list for a scholarship, but I was wondering if there was anywhere else I could apply for funding from although it is probably a bit late now.
  7. I will be at Kanazawa University, it's a little in the sticks but it looks like a beautiful place so I will have to kit myself out with a digital camera when I go, so I have lots of photos to send home! Yes I am at Sheffield at the moment, it's great I love it. You're at Warwick? My sister went to their open day the other day. So how do you get to go to Japan as part of your course? Do you do any Japanese?
  8. Hey there, yes I am, it's part of my Japanese Studies course. How about you? Do you know where in Japan you are off to yet?
  9. SociLOLogy! What a fantastic name! I love it :P!
  10. Love the profile pic.


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