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  1. I just saw a post of yours saying you were overcompensating at uni to prove you're not a failure/prove to your family that uni isn't a waste of time...
    And I wanted to send you lots of hugs
    (I know what it's like to have a judgemental family)
  2. NyanNyanNyan
  3. Hey, I remember you... I PM'ed you ages ago. How goes?
  4. I also prefer pop-tarts - but they can be annoying. A portion size is one pop tart ONE but they come in little packets of two =( Double portion? or let the other one go dry and nasty because ultimately isn't not as good when it's been in a sandwich bag for a bit? I really know how they expect mere mortals to solve such a dilemma.

    In other news, the cat now has a lovely hat, which sort of compensates for his lack of pop tartness
  5. Your NYAN CAT is out of date. He has toast now.
  6. I feel like a stalker now I'm not, I promise!
  7. Did you delete the link to your blog? I enjoyed reading it :sad:
  8. Once you have given me pos or neg rep you can't give me any more until you have repped a certain amount of other people. Thanks anyway.
  9. Reading your blog (cause I'm bored - not stalking) and you definitely missed out the best Norfolk word - Bishy Barnaby!! God, we're so weird in Norfolk :/
  10. fantastic
    thank you very much!

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