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  1. That's really helpful, thank you so much!
    I didn't realise quite how wide the range of choice was, Japanese sounds great! Animals?! lol!
    Yeah, on the open day they did emphasise (quite rightly so!) that they are the 2nd highest graduate employment rate... which is brilliant

    How many contact hours do you have a week?
    And what's the accommodation like, I've been looking at arthur vick... but I really have no idea!!
    Sorry for all the questions, but it's really great to have somebody on here who's at the university and studying sociology !!
  2. I was just wondering if you'd be able to help me out.. i've got an offer for sociology at warwick but i can't decide between there and nottingham ! Please can you tell me a bit about the course/uni life etc...! Much appreciated! x
  3. screenager2004
    Don't be devastated! I am just incredibly forgetful!
  4. You didn't reply to my PM. I'm devastated. *sadface*
  5. Hi , I am in need of desperate help and advice. I just read you recent posts about dropping out and your the perfect guy that going through exactly what i iam going through. Basically i wanted to ask when you , reapplied after dropping out did you mention it in your UCAS. im planning on dropping out before the end of december as i chose the wrong course. Is there any way that the uni will find out that youve already attended 1 before.

    Thank You
    Sarar Mirza
  6. What made Warwick the Uni that you wanted to go to? Did anything really stand out compared to the others universities you applied for? x
  7. Thats horrible!
    Yeah my boyfriend is at Warwick and he didnt get one till feb! :/
    Bath, LSE and york and Bristol, which i have had offers from. How are you enjoying sociology? x
  8. aah thank you
    thats ages to wait, but what a present! x x
  9. hey, im applying to do sociology at warwick this year!
    any idea of when they will respond? thanks x
  10. screenager2004
    I liked muse in 2004 when I had to think up a username... they got a bit crap after Absolution in my opinion though!

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