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  1. Hi,

    I'm actually going to Manchester College and they don't offer any halls of residence, so i'll have to look for something private. I've only heard horror stories from such places as MSV and anything owned by UNITE. Would you happen to know of any lively and sociable private halls or one that you'd particularly recommend?

    Kind Regards

  2. Blackacre
    3 days ago
  3. Oh good luck with it

  5. Ah, busy busy busy (I think)

    I think you'll do a good job, seem to be very knowledgeable about unis from what I've seen :yep:
  6. Cool. Congratulations What section?
  7. I'm pretty sure you weren't an SL before
  8. carnationlilyrose
    1 week ago
    Thank god the hedgehogs are back!
  9. Haha thank you for the compliment! I can't even take credit for it, I only use it
  10. Yes, bird drone! Yes, we have a very angry parrot, that is not content with terrorising two rooms, and is getting increasingly angry, so the streets would be a definite good idea. I may suggest downing street, as the place I start my revolution

    Hmm this may be true. What we shall have to develop is a hamster ball/joystick hybrid, so that the hamster can control the parrot, to terrorise the world

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