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  1. Haha thank you for the compliment! I can't even take credit for it, I only use it
  2. Yes, bird drone! Yes, we have a very angry parrot, that is not content with terrorising two rooms, and is getting increasingly angry, so the streets would be a definite good idea. I may suggest downing street, as the place I start my revolution

    Hmm this may be true. What we shall have to develop is a hamster ball/joystick hybrid, so that the hamster can control the parrot, to terrorise the world
  3. Awesome! Hmm... I happen to work in IT, so I could perhaps use the parrot using a drone I built? And the hamster could then control the parrot, clutching at people in the street, helping sudbdue the population, and to start my reign of terror

    One would assume that the parrot would be controlled in a joystick style fashion? I think we can use your people with my people, to fix the "hit and miss" issue, and finally get a parrot, that will accurately attack victims (I mean "targets")
  4. Ah the parrot is a good buy. I like talking. Parrots like talking. The parrots can simply talk people to death. An airborne talking bomb so to speak. Does your parrot do this? If so, I am interested in purchasing said parrot

    How would these work with the hamster I have access to? I believe they call it "The omen" Soon, I shall run the world, with pet minions

    I am eagerly awaiting your prices
  5. This reminds me of when I was discussing being the calpol supplier of one of my friend's hamster that also looked evil, so hamster/hedgehod world domination

    I was discussing assassination costs with Architectur-er the other day. I may need the hedgehog's services
  6. That hedgehog looks a little shifty
  7. It's very cute :emog:
  8. Is that an albino hedgehog?
  9. Thanks Origami
    (You'd never guess who I was listening to )

    I'm still rather scared but that course you linked to could be interesting if I ever conquer the fear. Oxford street was so packed when I was out in Manchester last night! I was leaving the RNCM a bit late after a recital.
  10. you might think that, I couldn't possibly comment

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