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    If Joe Walker does not reprise his sexiness I shall be extremely disappointed. Never before did I think Voldemort and Umbridge could be hot. I was mistaken.
    You'd think killing people would make them like you, but it just makes people dead.
  2. Literally only just realised that, not only are you going to the same uni as me, you have A Very Potter Musical in your sig!
    I think we should be friends :sexface:
  3. Okay then, it's a deal Wow, that is a long time! Sixth form feels too far away and it's only a week :lol:
  4. Sorry for the lateness of this! (:sad:) Thank you :jumphug: You're so so lovely!! And can I have a signed copy of that book too, eh? You better keep me up to date with the awesomeness of UEA - how long til term starts?
  5. I'm taking Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and English Lit for AS and will either take all 5 to A2 or drop down to four, depending on how I cope :yep: I'm glad I did the French AS early, because I wouldn't have taken it out of my own accord (as in, picking it for one of my options this year... if that makes any sense?); am too sciencey and mathsy and like reading too much. It is going to be horribly difficult dropping fown to 4 at A2 though If I do; I can't figure out what subjects I like the most or least :no:

    But yeah. I'll have my work cut out with Maths since I won't get any lessons for the mechanics modules and will therefore have to self-study all that (told myself I would start that during the summer :ninja: what optimism!) but other than that I should hopefully be okay.

    Promise to have a lovely time at uni? I can so see you being some amazingly awesome author some day :yep: - you will have to sign me a copy of your book when you do :hugs:
  6. Oh, I'd love to carry on with Fine Art and French to A2, but my other subjects took priority and I got told (a bit bluntly) by various different teachers that taking on 7-A-levels was 4 too many and I should step back and relax and stop obsessing over things :rolleyes:. My Fine Art teacher seemed a bit gutted though even though she didn't teach me (I did 70%of the Art AS at home, 30% at lunch times - looking back, that was one heck of a lot :lol:)

    *Oh damn, I'm going to have to split this in two?! :confused: :grumble:*
  7. *HUGE SUPER HUG* => :jumphug:

    Thank you; you are so lovely and you deserve everything, okay? I hope you have a wonderful time at uni - keep me updated with how things are going :yep: and stick with me for the next time the Apprentice comes around again :giggle:

    I got 8A*s, 2As + an A in FMSQ Add Maths + Distinction* in Art and Design (A*A* equivalent, but psshhh) and the two As in those AS-levels. So I'm okay. Nothing next to lovely Shanti, but so, so relieved over everything. Especically since I got 200/200 in English Lit in UMS and 299/300 in English Lang :gasp: I really, really thought I had done awfully in the latter) Bit nervous since medicine is so competitive and everyone seems to be getting lots of A*s for that, but anyway - I'll worry about that come the application process :rolleyes:

    :hugs: again,

  8. Hey lovely So, I got 12.5A*s (incl Latin Short Course) and a Distinction in ICT; full UMS across the GCSE in English Lit (:woo:) & French & Latin (LATIN? :lolwut:) & Add Science (though I'm taking the triple scores instead), and only dropped 1 UMS (from last year's module) in History & RE. So yeah, veeerry happy :party:

    Will send it just as soon as my facebook chat/inbox/wall/tsr pms/tsr quotes have stopped going so fast!
  9. Thank you

    Really? I'm sorry! I could forward you a really long pm I sent with info about it, if you're curious?
  10. Hey Diamonddust, I'm just wondering, what methods did you use to revise and work for English Lit? I got a C in my AS And I'm just wondering what the best ways are for me to get it up to a B or even an A


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  • About diamonddust

    You will never know.
    Where I study
    Sixth Form
    Professional Gleek
    Star Sign
    About me
    Hola all!

    Right, I thought this was due an update. I haven't updated this since I joined!

    Black British.

    I want to do a lot of things. I want to travel, become fluent in a language, learn ballet, take singing lessons, write a book, be in a musical...

    I'm a Gleek! I have an unhealthy craving for spontaneous singing, which Glee helps with nicely.
    I love musicals and I'm not ashamed to admit it!
    I particularly love Stephen Sondheim's musicals, I think the man is an absolute genius. Now I'll shut up because I sound like a musical obsessive... which I am not. At all... :ninja:

    My life's ambition is to write and write well!
    I want to be Fosca in Passion, Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd and Glinda in Wicked. I will get round the whole blonde thing, somehow!

    I love old couples that hold hands.
    Greg House may just be my fictional hero. Closely followed by Brain Kinney.
    I love smiling at people and seeing them smile back.

    If you want to know more, leave a message on my page.
    Academic Info
    English Language, Media Studies - A*
    Core Science, Additional Science and English Lit- A
    ICT, Religious Studies and Maths- B
    Classical Civilisations, Art and Spanish- C

    Huge disappointment.

    However, I've just realised they don't look THAT bad all typed up. Now for A levels!

    A levels

    Originally studied:
    English Lit- B (one bloody mark away from an A. Grr!)
    Psychology- A
    Biology- D :facepalm:
    Chemistry- E :rofl:

    If you're wondering why I'm a year behind, I started my A2s (English, Psychology and Biology) in 2009, got ill and had to start again and moved from my college to my secondary school's sixth form.
    I dropped Biology and decided to do:
    English Lit- A*
    Psychology- A
    Intensive (AS and A2) RS- A

    English Lit with Creative Writing- 2011-2014
    Trying to teach myself to play the piano but considering I only have a keyboard, and am a tiny bit rubbish, it's not going too well!

    Writing. Obvs.

    Reading. Again, obvious... :P

    Musical theatre. Never actually performed in a musical (*sob*) but I'm hoping to monopolise... I mean, get involved in musical theatre societies when I get to uni... :P

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