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  1. I was drawn to the lake... haha. And I suppose so, I lack the concentration for extended prose! And I will make my way there post-haste!
  2. Must concur, just a leeetle bit of nervous dread at the thought of being totally out-fictioned and whatnot! Still, if there's two of us nervous about that then probably everyone is a tad! And that is something I have yet to do... trying to remind myself it's all actually real! I chose Norfolk(?) Terrace I thing, the ziggurats haha. But have yet to hear any confirmation. What about yourself? Really hoping I've got flatmates on the same course!
  3. Hello! I am indeed, monumentally excited! Redundant question I'm sure, but are you looking forward to it?
  4. Haha yeah I know, what a waste of tears Woo we totally should! Ah I'm excited all over again
    I did indeed, hope you went out too! It will definitely be a new start, we will be super duper human beings gah seriously there are not enough emoticons in the world to express how happy I am for you/us! It's going to be so awesommme :hugs:
  5. I haven't visited yet, I was so excited for the open day but because of school I couldn't go. Thank you so much for the help Lol I haven't even started the process yet and I'm panicky :P
  6. Hi, I'm sorry to be forward but I saw on the uni forum that you're going to do English and creative writing at East Anglia and I'm just going to year 13, but I'd love to do the same. Annoying question, but did you AS results matter a lot with UEA?

    Congratulations and thank you for your time
  7. Yesss you genius! You're never going to believe this but... same! A* in English, A* in my Extended Project and As in RS and History. And the RS exam that I thought I'd failed, I actually did better than the first one! So yeah I'm in! Crazy times, just shows how deluded we are haha Aw I'm so proud of you, you're going to have the bestest time ever :') xxx
  8. Heyy, how did you do?!
  9. :jumphug: Congratulations, knew you would do it! :ahee:
  10. Thank you! So excited! I can't wait for the reading list!
    I'm so glad I checked UCAS first or else I would have freaked... :P

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  • About diamonddust

    You will never know.
    Where I study
    Sixth Form
    Professional Gleek
    Star Sign
    About me
    Hola all!

    Right, I thought this was due an update. I haven't updated this since I joined!

    Black British.

    I want to do a lot of things. I want to travel, become fluent in a language, learn ballet, take singing lessons, write a book, be in a musical...

    I'm a Gleek! I have an unhealthy craving for spontaneous singing, which Glee helps with nicely.
    I love musicals and I'm not ashamed to admit it!
    I particularly love Stephen Sondheim's musicals, I think the man is an absolute genius. Now I'll shut up because I sound like a musical obsessive... which I am not. At all... :ninja:

    My life's ambition is to write and write well!
    I want to be Fosca in Passion, Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd and Glinda in Wicked. I will get round the whole blonde thing, somehow!

    I love old couples that hold hands.
    Greg House may just be my fictional hero. Closely followed by Brain Kinney.
    I love smiling at people and seeing them smile back.

    If you want to know more, leave a message on my page.
    Academic Info
    English Language, Media Studies - A*
    Core Science, Additional Science and English Lit- A
    ICT, Religious Studies and Maths- B
    Classical Civilisations, Art and Spanish- C

    Huge disappointment.

    However, I've just realised they don't look THAT bad all typed up. Now for A levels!

    A levels

    Originally studied:
    English Lit- B (one bloody mark away from an A. Grr!)
    Psychology- A
    Biology- D :facepalm:
    Chemistry- E :rofl:

    If you're wondering why I'm a year behind, I started my A2s (English, Psychology and Biology) in 2009, got ill and had to start again and moved from my college to my secondary school's sixth form.
    I dropped Biology and decided to do:
    English Lit- A*
    Psychology- A
    Intensive (AS and A2) RS- A

    English Lit with Creative Writing- 2011-2014
    Trying to teach myself to play the piano but considering I only have a keyboard, and am a tiny bit rubbish, it's not going too well!

    Writing. Obvs.

    Reading. Again, obvious... :P

    Musical theatre. Never actually performed in a musical (*sob*) but I'm hoping to monopolise... I mean, get involved in musical theatre societies when I get to uni... :P

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