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  1. Went and you weren't there
  2. ahahahaha do you wear a turban? :turban:
  3. lmfao, bet you're a dirty punjabo then :sly:
  4. O, it already says that on your profile. D'oh :dunce:

    Dayummmmmm, body wise too? :gah: Kim Kardashian is gorgeous, mashallah :sogood: I hope your dentist wasn't one of your cousins otherwise it'd be weird for you to be calling them fit :teeth:
  5. Lucky youuuuu, m8. LOL how old are you? A few of my friends had theirs taken out when they were 17/18 and most of them did say it hurt like a bitch, even the guys. Do you visit your dentist often? Mine's well fit :sogood: would go in every day if I could. :coma:
  6. lmfao, what's stopping you? I bet it's the the cost of getting them extracted, innit. What a cheap Indian. :turban:
  7. Time to extract those buggers. :sly:
  8. Ey, trials and tribulations of an Englishman. Why do they hurt? Someone's been eating a lot of sweets. :sly:
  9. ahahah SHAAAAAAAAAAAAME! :hahaha: Imagine how many happy meals you could've bought with the money wasted on subbing?! What's new? Rofl, nothing's ever new. You still bust out moves at Chilli Brown?
  10. OI OI OI someone's a sub again :sly:

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