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  1. I suppose opinions will always differ and there is a lot of people who say Bangor is a brilliant place to study. I firmed Bangor a couple of weeks ago anyway, so I plan to give it a try. My options are open because I decided a couple of weeks ago that I will see if I'm happy in Bangor, and if I'm not then I will re-apply next year to a more prestigious university. What's your opinion?
  2. There is not a problem with that, I suppose if your there and you have this opinion of the university then you wouldn't want to be known haha!
    I like Bangor because I know I'm going to be happy there, even though I may have been able to get into some of the most prestigious universities within the country. Are you trying to say that the teaching is poor in Bangor? Is there a good amount of lectures? In my opinion when carrying out a degree, if you work for it, you will reap the benefits. If I work hard, which I most certainly will, then I will reap the benefits by leaving university with a 1st, and I will undoubtedly be able to gain access to a PhD. As long as there is a good amount of lectures, I think I would be happy. UCL is a fantastic place, but I know I wouldn't be happy in such an elitist environment. I think a 1st from any university stands the student in high regards, and I will try my hardest to achieve that. I look forward to your reply.
  3. Well I've applied and have got Marine Biology/Zoology degree as my firm offer, but had offers from University college London but chose to accept Bangor merely because I'm not a person who likes city life, I love nature, a real naturalist, and think it's the perfect place to do that sort of degree.
    I myself have also heard mixed opinions about the university as a whole, some have said it's badly organised, some say that it's great. As long as there is a good amount of lectures and with a good amount of work I can leave with a 1st Hons, I will be fine. Eventual PhD and jobs within research is what I would like.
    Do you have facebook, would be much better to talk properly about it dude! Thanks.
  4. Saw your comment on the Bangor group, am curious as to why you have those views about Bangor seeing as I'm going there in September and have had offers from other universities.
  5. Thanks for the rep. :yy: Have a nice evening.
  6. They deleted the thread. That rebellion a few weeks back was SovereignChancellor and me, we did it as a joke and he got banned while I got 14 warning points. We just kept making threads and pissing them off but they weren't shy on the ol' warning points
  7. Thanks . Oh gosh, I'm actually a lil ashamed of my post count, as it shows I post on here way too much. Yet I can't seem to stop
  8. I LOL'd :lol:. You seem pretty awesome
  9. The "I've just slept with my dog" thread got deleted . I'm not even sure why - it was a fun thread that could have just been moved to Chat :dontknow:

    Anyways, I know my post sounded punny, but in all honesty I do actually have a real live pet rabbit of the animal variety living in my bedroom :lol:. Cheeky bastard :p:

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