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  1. No ones stealing anyone, that kid talking to his friend couldn't even close a door. My point was why get jealous, the kid is way insignificant to fathobbit. It was entertaining to watch him think he could get out done by someone subordinate to him.
  2. Nah seriously though, if say you were working on something. A piece of work.

    And then a mate of yours comes along and goes - that is great. Steals it and takes credit, how can you call that banter and craic?

    It's the same deal here.
  3. trustmeimlying1
    5 days ago
    grand thats your opinion

    take it easy lad
  4. Well, you know what. I wouldn't let randomers do that to me.

    Forget women, but it generally shows bad character - it's not craic, it's selfishness. They tried to poach.
  5. yeah, but why keep people in your life that would do that to you? By that willing to **** you over without thinking twice?

    This is what I don't get.
  6. Carry it on here, thread got closed.

    So whilst I go out and do all the hard work in meeting the girl, and creating the opportunity I should let some randomers off TSR try and steal them?

    It's not my fault they have trouble meeting women.

    Also if you live in a city like London, there are TONNES OF WOMEN. Tonnes of ways to meet new women, go to events etc.
  7. Your inbox is full dickhead
  8. Cleared it?
  9. You should clear your inbox.
  10. I don't have skype :nah:

    why are we doing things via skype? :holmes:

    I think the pm's to the host are alot easier and of course the audience decides who has the best response!

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