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  1. I'm very grateful for your AS revision notes/article right now, thank you
  2. Hi Chrisateen,

    Strangely enough I happened to come across your comment in 2009 that was gesturing your dissatisfaction with the LSE. I'm currently at York and am contemplating dropping out after first year and studying economic history there. This is the only thing I'm concerned about. Could you drop me a message and explain if it got any better/worse, and any advice for me?

    Thank you very much
  3. hey Chrisateen, I'm experiencing the exact thing as you did in 2nd year :-(
    most gratefully if you could enlighten me and share your experience.

    Do you have msn so we can have some talk.
    Many thanks
  4. Hi Chrisateen, I read the post you uploaded about social Policy and getting a 2:2 but still doing well. My name's Danny and im a current SOAS student aswell studing History but Im looking to move to the LSE to do Social Policy. I was hoping you could send your personal statement for social policy as I really need as much help As I can get.

    Also I wanted to know what you thought of my chances of getting in with

    A* History
    A Media Studies
    B English
    (taking Maths Alevel in one year nxt year)
  5. that Rancorous ******* really rustled my jimmies!
  6. Hi, can you send me information on the ucl experiments too? sorry for the hassle
  7. Also could you send me the info about the psychology expts? Thanks a lot!
  8. hey! you said you joined a recruitment agency and found summer jobs - which agencies do you suggest?
  9. stayce88
    try looking on my profile again now just changed my privacy settings
  10. Hey! I see you studying at LSE...Great!
    What course are you studying atm?

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    2 A*'s (R.E and Maths)
    5 A's (Double Science , Applied ICT :mad: and French :eek: :cool:)
    2 B's (English Lang and Lit :mad:)
    1 C (Graphics D.T) :mad:

    A Levels

    B (Maths, Religious Studies)
    b (computing)

    AEA Religious Studies- Merit
    * Surfing the net (especially going on TSR :tsr2: )
    * Watching TV (especially shows like Ugly Betty, Eastenders, ANTM, Project Runway and Catwalk, Judge Judy, Simpsons and many others) and of course films
    *Playing the Keyboard (Currently on Grade 1 lol)
    * Reading Books (especially those real life ones)

    And I could basicly develop interest in a lot of things :rolleyes:

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