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  1. Hey, sorry I hadn't seen your message.

    It's quite good, I really enjoy it. Some of the lecturers are a bit pompous, and I've had some work go missing. But overall, the labs are all new and the equipment is quite good.

    But be prepared to repeat all of a level bio and chem in your first year b
  2. It's good, but i wouldn't recommend it if you want a scientific job straight out of uni. It's more for people who want to do grad entry medicine. Are you thinking of doing it? x
  3. hey
    i really like it. theres quite a bit of humanities but i like that as well other than history but every course has boring parts tbh. I never did science at A level so i like that its not too hard. x
  4. Hey
    Yeah its okay, not what i expected, there is loads of humanities and not much science really which is not what i wanted. If you really want to go into graduate medicine but cant get in now, then it might be for you but really consider this first. Most people wanted to do medicine now there are about two who are actually applying. 5 year medicine is competitive but gratuate entry is about 100 worse.
    We do law, ethics, philosophy, history (which isnt very exciting), literature, anatomy, physiology + physics. The science isnt challenging at all and we do maybe 2 labs a year, if that. It depends on what you are interested in and what you want the course to give you, if its medicine, okay but it doesnt really lead into anything else, im graduating next year and the only jobs i could walk into as a graduate have nothing to do with this course so im applying to study midwifery which i wish i would have done 3 years ago!

    If you have any other questions just let me know =]

  5. Money is evil (:
  6. Hey, thanks. Either Leicester or Warwick. (Warwick if they give me an offer).
  7. Nahh... more like Nah-tass-ee-ah! Or something like that... i'm not very good at writing it phonetically haha. Why? Is your name spellt/said the same?
  8. and a nice ass
  9. Hey there, I started classical singing lessons at high school and it just went on from there.
  10. thank you.

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