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  1. Hey Jacket Potato, could you please have a look at my thread started in the legal vacation placement forum and comment. Much appreciated.

  2. Thank you for your help it was much appreciated .....
    I was wondering whether you could help in respect of question 2. advantages and disadvantages of trying to stop shares from passing outside current membership any help would be appreciated.

    From losing my mind
  3. Hi honestly I am stuck on a question which i believe you may acknowledge please could you take a quick look for a lost cause any advice or pointers would be most helpful regarding company law removing of a director and amending articles and shares
  4. Hi,

    I have been reading your threads and I find your answers really useful. I have posted a problem question and i have posted some specific question within my thread which i would be grateful if you could take a look at. In my thread, I don't just ask the 'advise my client how I could help them' question but I ask specific questions which i'm having a problem finding. Your help would be greatly appreciated! thanks !
  5. hi jp
    could you recommend a site or a book to read which addresses how judges in any state in the usa are selected
    got an assignment due in a couple of days for this and can't find any.

  6. Hi JP,
    Am I correct in believing you did the accelerated LPC? If so, just a quick Q - are you in class/SGS 9am-6pm? I'm confused about the hours they quote.. By the sounds of it you're contact hours are 9-6pm every day.. Thanks

    (Oh and I'm BPP)
  7. Sorry, could you have a gander at the thread I posted below! Really need some clarification!
  8. Hello there,

    I've seen you help many people on the studentroom with law help! I've realised your posts are very helpful.. i needed help with tort question, was wondering if you could help?

    This is the following question i have been set for my tort coursework, could anyone help me a give me a draft on what to write? Thankyou

    Andrea was cycling along a busy main road and failed to notice that the traffic
    lights were red. As she cycled through the red light she was hit by a car driven by
    Bernice, who was exceeding the speed limit and was therefore unable to stop in
    time. Andrea was knocked to the ground and both her legs were broken.

    She was taken to hospital, where Dr Coles operated to mend her broken bones.
    He failed to inform her that the operation carried a small but recognised risk of
    nerve damage. Unfortunately for Andrea, despite the fact that Dr Coles carried
    out the operation carefully, the nerves in her left leg were damaged, which meant
    that her leg sometimes gave way under her.

    three weeks after leaving hospital, Andrea was climbing the stairs to her third
    floor flat when her left leg gave way. She fell down the stairs, breaking her arm.

    Advise Andrea as to her remedies, if any, in tort.

    Thanking you in advance
  9. hi..can we be friend?

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