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  1. Hi Can I send you my assignment question please?
  2. Lol is being a lawyer anything like Phoenix Wright?
  3. Dear Jacketpotato,

    I read your post regarding an appeal against mobile phone loss / theft. I am currently in the same situation as the person you were writing to. It would be great if you could forward me the emails used for your pro-bono client's insurance claim? I would appreciate it so much.

    Kind regards
  4. Hi jacketpotato,

    I just wanted to say that the advice you've given to various posters on this site has been very helpful to me so far. (I'm currently doing the GDL)

    I have one question to ask you quickly if you don't mind, in promissory estoppel (contract law) when you talk about the notion of unconscionability is that the same as inequity?

    My study notes provided by my school don't seem to mention unconscionability but rather when it would be 'inequitable' for the promisor to go back on his promise. Would this be the same thing or is unconscionability a different principle all together?

    thanks in advance
  5. Hi Mr Jacketpotato, i understand you have immense knowledge on property law, i have a question which i am really struggling with, and would appreciate if you could help me and point me in the right direction.

    David and Amy had lived together for several years when, five years ago, Amy inherited £100,000. She used the money as a deposit for a house for her and David to live in.

    Amy borrowed £40,000 from a bank and bought a house for £140,000.

    Before the house purchase was completed, Amy and David agreed that as David was not contributing any capital to the purchase, he would pay the mortgage instalments and they would share all the other outgoings equally.

    After the purchase was completed, the property was registered at the Land Registry in Amy's sole name.

    Shortly after they moved in, David installed a new kitchen and bathroom.

    Three years ago, a conservatory was added to the house at the joint expense of David and Amy.

    David and Amy never married.

    Earlier this year, David and Amy decided that they needed to spend some time apart. David agreed to leave the house and decided that he would spend the next six months travelling.

    Not long ago he returned to find that Amy had sold the house for £200,000.

    After repayment of the mortgage, Amy received £160,000.

    Amy paid £15,000 into her current account which, at the time, had a credit balance of £500. Out of that account she bought herself a car which cost £6,500. She has used £1,000 on living expenses. At the moment there is £8,000 in the account.

    Amy used the remaining £145,000 from the proceeds of sale to buy a flat in the joint names of herself and her new partner, Freddie.

    David wants to know if he is entitled to any of the proceeds of sale of the house and if so, how this will be quantified and how he can recover this money.

    how would i go about answering this scenario and what kind of legal issues are involved.

    thank you in advance
  6. Hey, first year law LLB (Newcastle Uni.) student here.

    I have been searching law degree threads on TSR for quite a while and I noticed a pattern. All your posts are of great relevance and seem to be extremely helpful.

    Was just going to ask whether or not you would advise making note taking from textbooks at this stage of the course? Also, do you think it would be better to stay away from nutshell books completely? They appear to give a good grounding in the subject area, due to the fact that they are simplified.

    Many thanks,

  7. Ape Gone Insane
    Yeah, that does sound like you have to invest a considerable amount of time. Sounds like half a Masters course and some people have said it's one of the most difficult Bar exams in the US. It doesn't seem like there are that many benefits (short of it looking really good) of doing the NY Bar if you'll be limited to working outside the United States (visa difficulties). Apparently, it's quite good in some international respects (I've not done a lot of research though).

    Have you done or ever considered a Masters? Brutal admissions process aside, the Oxford BCL is something I'm pretty keen and interested in, though I'm unsure how they would view a dual qualification in Scots/English Law. I read about the fairly recent development of Cambridge setting up a MCL (Masters in Corporate Law), which is something else that looks really interesting.
  8. Ape Gone Insane
    Hey, man. You considered doing the New York Bar, didn't you? What made you change your mind?
  9. Finance is definitely not amongst my sought after seats! I spent a week in finance at Ashurst (granted, not a very long period of time!) and didn't particularly enjoy it.

    Corporate should be good - I liked it at Links. Investment Management didn't appeal as much, although I would give Tax a shot.
  10. What was your first seat, if you don't mind me asking?

    It's pretty impressive that you get to do an international and a client secondment during your TC!

    One of the reasons I chose Freshfields is their TC flexibility and practice strenghts in litigation, international arbitration, competition/antitrust and corporate. I am particularly interested in IA but trying to keep my mind open as to where I'd like to end up.

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