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  1. Name a date hot stuff
  2. Dude PICS
  3. :jiggy:
  4. Their was no need to argue with me but thanks for putting it right so everything is ok bye
  5. I've just sat here laughing uncontrollably at your signature, my boyfriend is staring at me wondering WTF it is I'm looking at and I can't look at it or I burst out laughing. I LOVE YOUR SIG!!!!
  6. I dont have a pipe o.0

    *Tilts head to one side and gives the confused look*
  7. Meow =^.^=

    We are currently tying on that funny thread XD
  8. Vikki1805
    Can you keep your loneliness off my 'Who Quoted Me' please? K, thx.
  9. Vikki1805
    I feel really sorry for you
    Do you dislike yourself so much you need to be-little me to make yourself feel better?

    If you ever want to talk about your low self confidence issues, message me You can get help for this, it's okay.
  10. Sorry but your sig is one of the greatest things I've seen

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