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  1. Don't mean to be a bother mate, but did you see my last PM? Have any thoughts? Cheers anyway
  2. I remember the days we were doing A levels .... happy days
  3. Lol, how's public health going? :p:
  4. Hey God i like your blog i am just reading it which medical school are you at?
  5. It's going pretty well, thanks! I can definitely feel the step up from last year in terms of coursework, but it's sort of more satisfying this year too, if that makes any sense. Not as keen about living in a house (it's just such a pain in the arse!) so will probably move back into halls next year, but aside from that and just being manically busy, it's all good!

    How's medicine going? :O
  6. ah okay fair enough, it was a good blog though.
  7. Oh cool. I know you were doing psych. before :-) How did you get from doing a psych. degree to medicine? Did you do your A-levels again and then reapply?
  8. Just wanted to ask, are you doing a degree in medicine now?
  9. have you stopped doing your blog?
  10. Hello

    I just read a post you placed around a year and a half ago and found it very useful

    I am currently studying Psychology at Middlesex, I just started :-)

    I was just wondering if you would recommend any academic journals and may be books to read.
    Our lecturer (in the introduction lecture) told us to start reading Academic Journals but I have searched some and there are so many! Just thought you might be able to guide me to a few that would be beneficial.

    Thank you a lot for your time.

    Christian Ronchetti

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