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  1. Yeah the offer is AAA.
  2. Thanks. Yeah I was pretty chuffed. Need the grades now though.
    Urm I probably wouldn't. They are looking first and foremost for creativity. If you got something thats in an artists style but youve made it your own somehow then thats cool. If you had one that was really good, showing your technique maybe put it in. But I wouldnt do more than that. Judging by what I've seen/read thats my opinion anyways.
  3. Hey!
    I think it went quite well actually! More in the sense that I was worried I would freeze up or run out of things to say, but I spoke a lot. I had Weber...half the time he was really engaging and seemed interesting and half the time he'd just say "uhm" over and over again like he was bored of me! He also said I draw from photos too often! But other than that I thought it went really well.
    I've heard from all of my others now. Offers from Manchester and Edinburgh and rejections from Bath and Sheffield.
    How are things going with you?
  4. Noo problem.
    Yeah sheffield is definitely my firm, its was originally my 1st choice.
    I got rejected from both Cambridge and Cardiff, and got offers from Brookes and Kent as well.
    So looks like Sheffield firm, Brookes insurance.
  5. Heyo!
    Basically I had the same question so I emailed them and asked. They said you are only allowed ten files (i.e Jpegs) but on each of those there can be as many images as you want.
    The thing is however, keep in mind the following -->
    -The portfolio should have a flow in order for it to present you aptly. So dont group random things together. If your showing drawings of the same nature or images of works from different angles then collate them together.
    -The portfolio will likely be viewed on a computer, and so think of the average size of a computer screen. Dont cram the pages so that some images are too small.
    -One page must be dedicated solely to the task.

    Another other questions just ask, I try do my best to help (portfolio's are funny little things).
  6. In Singapore
  7. I got invitation for UCL inyterview and yes i got offered by Edin, very fast, less than 3 weeks after submission of UCAS
  8. West Edin Card and Glasgow
  9. Exactly. I used one day (after school to sleep) to finish one piece. I don't know. Some of the pieces look quite incomplete too.Oh god. Yea, I am from Malaysia and I am having the same due date with you. And Chinese New Year is coming, we are having holidays here so basically I have to post it before CNY which is only 1 week from now. And, should we do all observational drawings or also some imaginary sketches?
  10. Seems like everyone here is having the same problem. WHAT IS BARTLETT LOOKING FOR??? The task email is so damn confusing.I am also having difficulties deciding what to do for the task too

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