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  1. Hi i just want to know how the application works for TCD as the CAO is not opened yet..
    My main confusion is about the date, it says on webs that Irish unis don't give conditional offers, so if I am applying, it has to be in the year when I receive my A2 scores, which is 2014(Aug) and due to the open time of CAO which is Nov, do I have to wait for another year to enter the university then? Hope that I've misread something.
    Besides, does your grade that is over the requirement ensures your entrance or people still get rejected when they have 500+?
    Thx for your time
  2. Hey i was reading the TCD thread and you were very helpful, thanks!
    I am an international, doing a levels, and applying to Medicine at TCD. it says that youd need 739 points. Does that apply for internationals as well? I have AAAA at AS, and A*A*A* at A2's, that plus the 25 extra points for maths gets me to 735 :/

    Any help is much appreciated! thanks!
  3. hi
  4. Hylean
    Congratulations then! I'm happy for you.

    Ooooh, heritage history, you're not too far away from me then, ish.
  5. Hylean
    I know that feeling. Where are you looking for jobs, what field?
  6. Hylean
    Good to see you're still around. :yes:
  7. Hi - Thanks for replying. My AS subjects were Latin, Music, Philosophy and Psychology. At the moment I am continuing to A2 with Latin, Music and Philosophy. I hope to get at least ABB in these subjects at A2. I got a C in Psychology at AS. This would therefore add up to 425. I'm talking to my school about resuming A2 Psychology - however I seem to recall reading somewhere that Music and Psychology may not be acceptable A level subjects for admission to all Irish universities. Do you know if this is the case?
    Also since I missed an A in Latin AS by only 1 mark and a B in Philosophy by 2 marks - I was going to re-take a couple of AS papers in January - but having read the admission requirements I don't think that the re-takes would be acceptable for Irish applications - or would they?
    I'm also confused about how CAO in Ireland are supposed to get my results. Do you know if UCAS communicate these directly? I'm sure I've read a comment from a student on this forum somewhere saying that this did not happen for him. Also I was under the impression that Irish matriculation results come out before A level results - so perhaps I might miss the first round of offers in any case......?
    I've emailed cao and Trinity admissions - but haven't get got any responses so would be very grateful for any insights you are able to give.
  8. Hi
    I wonder if you can advise an student from English considering applying to university in Ireland? I took 4 subjects at AS (BBCC). I hope to be able to improve on those grades at A2. My school advises me to drop one of the subjects and concentrate on re-taking a couple of the AS papers along with my A2s in order to maximize my grades in 3 subjects for my UCAS application. However I am also looking at applying to Trinity and it would seem that I would be better off continuing with the 4th subject at A2 rather than doing the re-takes. An increase from a C to a B grade at A2 is only worth 20 points - but carrying on with the 4th subject would increase my tariff score in that subject from 50 points for an AS to 100 points for an A2. Also - am I right in thinking that any AS re-takes in my A2 year would not count under the Irish system anyway?

    The entrance requirement for the course that I am interested in was only 390 points last year - but was 425 a couple of years ago - even so it looks achievable.

    My problem is that my school know nothing about applications to the Republic of Ireland and feel that I should be concentrating on UCAS and are reluctant to let me continue with 4 A Levels to A2 - as they feel that I should be concentrating on re-taking some of my AS papers instead in order to get the maximum possible grades over 3 subjec
  9. 913#post37995913

    would really appreciate if you read my short introduction
  10. Very informative post in the mispronunciation thread. Thanks.

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