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  1. Don't particularly care what you believe. It's not like I'm the soviet union or something
  2. Lmao.

    Did I not mention my penchant for butchering the English language on purpose?
  3. Shush.

    Is sekrits plans
  4. Why should I have any greater reason for speaking to someone?

    I wouldn't have been laughing at you at any point, no more than is usual anyway. Am a bit of a fan of schadenfreude and suchlike I'd have to admit.
  5. I feel I have, tbh, you just refused to believe me.

    Good for you.
  6. I only ever said perhaps

    I still hold you've as good as admitted that anyway, and tbh I'm not that bothered.

    Why are you still talking to me then?
  7. It tells you that I'm not talking to you in a desperate search for validation.

    Perhaps I talk to you because you amuse me?
  8. .. talking to someone = needing validation from them now?

    Suddenly, therapists everywhere have SO much more work to do
  9. You act as though I need validation from you or something.
  10. Not only are you apparently bad at using English to express yourself, it seems your comprehension levels are lower than they should be as well.

    Poor thing.

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