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  1. Strangest.

    Come on.


  2. K, I'll look into it.

    I'm not sure how I managed to pull off comparing someone to a serial killer and then chatting this much
  3. Well, if I'm psychopath, it's your life you're risking.

    Actually haven't no.
  4. No, I'm just saying, it seems foolish to accept someone's word that they're not psychopathic. It's not like they'd handily go 'Oh yes, I do occasionally butcher people, now that you ask '
  5. Clearly you truly are not good at English at all. Can't even use the word schizophrenic properly. :sadnod:

    Also, you'd really take the word of someone you suspect of being a psychopath, over your own gut intuition?

    You're gonna be found dead in a bush one day :yes:
  6. No need to be surprised when someone you think is a psychopath isn't nice.
  7. I think you're not very good at English
  8. Me? Simple? Pah.

    I am a creature of infinite complexity and wonder.

    I don't need telling that I'm odd
  9. ****ing am odd, you lying bum nugget.

    Well, you're nomming on a jar of beetroot. It's the classic behaviour of someone who's mind has been fractured into a million beautiful shards, leaving them barely able to cope with the realities of day to day living, and in need of something simple, comforting and yet sufficiently surreal.
  10. Superwolf is a tsr person. She's on my friend list, and was in the conversation I linked you to as well.

    So, would you believe I'm odd yet?

    Have fun with your beetroot, I hope it's not because I've broken you

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