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  1. Start again! Tell me what you study and where.
  2. Ha, you would think!! No, my wires were crossing because of thread juggling + facebooking about similar topix.

    I suppose the next thing you'll be telling me is that you're not a student, not at Bath and not into UC?
  3. Haha, oh well, it was a busy day yesterday, serves me right for trying to combine so many tasks. OK, let me know when you are up for replacing Paxo!
  4. Awww, I thought you were on it! Why did I think that?? Lol.
  5. That Westboro one was so bizarre but the really clever thing was that you began to feel a bit sorry for his supporters and family and even to have sympathy for them when they were behaving in truly obnoxious ways. Very clever TV!

    Thanks for the pos by the way.

    So are you doing anything special to revise/train for your appearance? You must PM me before the show and tell me who you are, so I can cheer for you!
  6. Did you see the one in the US about the former porn industry actors? Wierd but oddly fascinating. I love his laidback post-ironic style.
  7. Sigh. I'm quite keen on Brian Cox.

    Africa is beautiful, I've only seen about 5 mins of it though!
  8. Oh, shedloads of stuff, whenever I get a spare few mins to catch up! I'm currently deep into Borgen, Downton Abbey, Dancing on the Edge, Chivalry and Betrayal, Lewis, etc, etc. A few mins of each!

  9. Oh, fairly similar really. Politics, economics, history, geography, religion, arts.

    Loads of the questions always seem to be about bizarre things to do with enzymes which I would have no more clue how to answer than our family dog.
  10. Haha, I doubt it! Anyway, my college is not left in the runnings. They got smashed!

    But of course, I get some answers!

    What are your strong subjects?

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