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  1. ":zomg: that's a woman! :drool:"
  2. :poke:

  3. people in those kinds of places tend not to get much female contact:erm:
  4. "Caraniel
    Sitting in the MOT center - why is it filled with pervy old men? why did i wear a dress!?"
    If only I could rep tweets :rofl: or didnt need to spread it around more
  5. *steals* :flip:
  6. I'm new here and i was wondering if i could join the anime society?
  7. Thanks
  8. :console: you cant escape the facebookisaton of the internet :

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  • About caraniel

    Where I study
    Queens University Belfast - Alumni
    Administration Officer
    Star Sign
    About me
    Psychological Studies and Social Anthropology graduate - it was so useful I'm now a card carrying paper pusher for the NHS.......blah.

    (Original post by Truered)
    You're an Irish drug dealing otaku with a love of chocolate and yaoi?
    (Original post by Kagutsuchi)
    Cara's the 'loving' mother
    who loves to make me sad.
    She often likes to take her whip
    and tell me i've been bad.
    (Original post by Liquidus Zeromus)
    Hi venerated, cruel and fair empress! :fuhrer:
    (Original post by Truered)
    You're a pissed off, occasionally drunk Irish otaku. Surely that's endearing?
    Academic Info
    Degree : BA hons 2:1

    A-Levels: A - Biology
    A - Politics
    B - Ancient History

    GCSE - 7 A* + A's, 3 B's

    Random others: Teaching English as a Foreign Language Cert.
    RSA Word Processing

    Mainly interested in Anime + Manga. As well as films and books in general.

    Other interest include trying to find decent job (unsuccessful thus far), find enough money to pay back car loan and student loan, revive social life.
    AMV of the Month!

    Futuristic Lover - Bakemonogatari

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