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  1. I have just added the last 5 solutions to the 2008 thread.
    Is there anybody who can start solutions thread for 2009. I have several solutions latex'd and ready to post.
  2. Hi.

    I see you are thread-starter for the 1993 STEP solutions thread. I don't suppose you look at it these days, so I thought I'd let you know that I've added a couple of posts at the end pointing out a mistake.

    The mistake is not in any of the solutions, but in one of the questions, which asked candidates to prove something that is false. The problem is not a simple slip, which would have been discovered ages ago, but a fundamental misunderstanding of Newton's Second Law of motion.

    You might like to change the link in the OP so that future students don't get misled.


  3. Hiya, ages ago (2009) you posted a solution to STEP 2 2003 question 7. I know you probably have no memory of it now but hopefully the question I have will be pretty straightforward. I've got up to the penultimate step in your solution but can't see how to combine the sum into the integral. I'm probably just being stupid! If you could help that would be great! X
  4. I was wondering if you have exemptions from any of the actuarial exams?
  5. How are maths and Cambridge treating you?
  6. You seem to be very helpful on the Maths Discussion boards, so I thought you'd be the right person to ask: I am a bit confused as to the use of Taylor's Theorem to classify critical points of functions. It was never really explained in our lectures, yet we have had questions on it on our problem sheets, and it isn't really touched on at all in the online lecture notes either. Ergo, I'm a bit confused and feel like I am running around in circles. If you could explain the general ideas, then that would be great.
  7. i couldnt pm you, your inbox is full, but that is really amazing, an S in all STEPS.. did you self teach all of them?
  8. simon what did you get in your a-levels and what subjects did you do if you dont mind me asking?

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