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  1. Hello, I saw that you are/was doing a maths degree.
    Then afterwards, what kind of jobs do you think you will choose because I'm also facing this dilemma whether to choose for maths or coupled with something like stats.
    Thanks for your advice
  2. are u yourself doing actuary?? if yes then can you please tell me details about its eligibility and exams schedule and course difficulty level.
  3. Hi,
    Saw in your profile about an invitation to message you if anyone had questions about transition to university maths.

    I was wondering, do you think there is any specific preparation I should do before September? I did FP1-4 as my further units, have an A in maths, and hopefully will have an A in FM too.

    any advice about what I could do to prepare for university would be greately appreciated!

  4. I like you.
  5. hey. I was thinking of doing a Maths degree for entry in 2012 as i'm on my gap year at the moment. I noticed your studying maths was wondering if your enjoying it and which Uni your in? Just looking for any helpful info Thankyou
  6. Ah cheers mate. I won't be over the moon until exams are over :O
  7. Hi mate, just wondering if you could help me. Was looking on the C4 June 2009 unofficial ms thread ( but can't seem to find the solutions on it, do you by any chance have it saved on your pc?
  8. Hey I see you study maths at RH. I've got an offer from them, would just like to know what the maths department is really like? And the uni itself, such as the people that go there, atmosphere, work ethos etc?

  9. Ah BMWs and mercedes, yu said it :smug:

    wanted to rep that, arghh i cant rep anything i want today :sad: lol
  10. what uni are you studying maths in

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    I'm an Indian who didn't do well in Chemistry and Biology, so I decided to take Maths instead and go for second best as an accountant.

    No, really. I'm not joking.
    Academic Info
    Quite a few GCSE's. Average.
    AS: Average.
    A2: ABC

    Doing Maths at uni now, and it's proving to be fun!

    Side note: In no way did my A levels even remotely prepare me for university. Not even a little.
    A tribute...
    ... to those Mathematicians who work tirelessly up until the wee hours of the morning, especially before exams, to help those on TSR who have done no preparation and do not deserve their incredulous explanations of even the most ruthless of questions.

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