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  1. I've always respected your opinion with regards to theology; I often disagree, being an atheist and all. But I respect you, you give the impression of being an intellectual and not a mindless drone in the hive, which you oft-come across on TSR. So I was wondering, how do you justify choosing Christianity over other world religions? What is it that makes you think it is the 'right' religion?
  2. oops totally forgot at oxford you have 3 years preclin, im in third year too so i started clinical this year
  3. Ha I've had the FSM on my page since I joined :P How's 3rd year? Where do you Oxford guys get placed?
  4. Heya how you doin'

    Still into that Jesus stuff? :P
  5. Rep returned! Jesus is DA MAN!
  6. Am knackered today and not completely sober, will finish off my rebuttal first thing tomorrow morning for our debate. Should be up by midday or so.
  7. G8D
    Misleading how?
    I support the notion of allow people their own choice in the matter, how is that misleading in any way?
  8. G8D
    Did you neg me because I'm pro-choice or because I am for a man having a say? ""
  9. Good luck with it! I might start one for fun too haha.
  10. Hey, how's life? How's the writing of your book progressing? I will be the first one to buy it.

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