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  1. Hi! Nice to hear from you. It is certainly possible to take up an ab initio language and continue to study it at honours level. If you are considering doing that then be careful to take note of which modules need to be taken for access to honours - generally it's not too complicated and your advisor will be able to help.

    One thing to also bear in mind is that streaming of students (ie. different groups for post A-Level and ab initio) tends to end either at the end of the first year or half way through the second year. I'm doing ab initio Italian and next year (my 2nd year) I'll be having lessons with people who started off with A-Levels in Italian. As such there was quite a bit to learn in the first semester, but it was by no means too much to take on.

    I hope you hear from St Andrews soon and you're successful with your application
  2. My interview with the French tutors was very relaxed: we discussed a poem like before (though this time in English) and then I talked about some of the things I had read. The main purpose of this is to give you another chance in case your first interview went badly, though of course it's still important in its own right.

    For more general tips I would simply see to be enthusiastic, try to enjoy yourself and make the most of the opportunity. Good luck with getting an interview, and if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask!
  3. Of course! I'm sure things may change year to year but I can give some tips based off of my experience. (This has turned into a bit of an essay but I hope it's useful )

    Everyone gets two interviews, though as I was German sole and there was only one German tutor I had one interview with him and another with French tutors.

    Both interviews involve the analysis of a poem. You're given one beforehand and have some time to look at it (the German one came with an English translation along side, though the focus was most definitely on analysing the German). They're not expecting you to know lots of terms, but they do want you to analyse the structure, language and so forth thinking about what effects they have - specifically it's good to tie these in with a general theme or purpose of the poem. The tutor will also try and guide you towards things during the interview, so be prepared to be challenged and have to think on your feet. This is normally the first part of the interview.

    The last part is normally a brief discussion in German. This could be about anything really, it's just meant to check our spoken German. I think in my interview we talked about my a trip to Germany I had done. This only lasts about 5 mins.

    The bit in between is more vague - I talked about one of the books I had read: what it was about; what it was trying to convey; and how it conveyed it. I think this is the part of the interview which changes the most and is dependant on what you've written in your personal statement and how the conversation naturally develops. The only tips I can really offer is to be enthusiastic and really try to engage with the tutor as in the end they're looking for someone who can think critically and whom they enjoy teaching.
  4. Oh, awesome! I'm at Queen's at the moment
  5. What language/s did you apply for ?
  6. Oh man i'm so sorry I didn't noticed you posted on my wall, I haven't been on in a while. How'd it go?
  7. Hey, sorry I never got back to you about colleges - Queen's is no Worcester (no bias at all! haha) but it is definitely really nice, has great food, and I'm sure you'll love it if you apply and you're successful! Also, loaaads of luck for AS results on Thursday!
  8. Hello! At oxford? I had three )
    My Czech one was really lovely, the lecturer just got me to read a poem in translation (it was a love poem so my english literature a level helped with that), and then we talked about some of the Czech books I'd read in English, which periods of history I was also interested in and why I wanted to begin studying Czech.

    My 2nd interview was strange, it was by a french and russian lecturer who gave me an article about soap detergent adverts and we discussed morals in different periods of literature.

    My 3rd interview was German, I had to go to a different college. 30 mins before he gave me an English poem to study, which again was love literature. We then spoke about the poem for a while and talked about phonetics. He then asked me which books I'd read and then talked about Der Vorleser for a while, he then asked me one question in German which was 'what do you see yourself in 10 years' - so it was quite easy.

    Hope that was a big help to you - I didn't think my interviews went really well but they must've! Good luck x x x

    ALSO! Sorry for the very late reply.
  9. Nag o ma Scylla
    Go for it!
  10. Ooh, nice! I actually applied to Queen's first time round, but definitely ended up at the right college...As you're not 100% sure, if you want any advice on picking a college, I can answer any questions, or ask friends at other colleges? Happy to help!

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