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  1. hello, I'm going to be at UOB in october and im going to do economics and finance. would love to have a chat with you whenever you're free as I'm slightly concerned with the difficulty of the subject.
  2. Hi! This is completely random but I wanted to thank you! You commented on a post from about 3 years ago about what your lecturer told you about stop feeling guilty and just crack on with it. (about exams) Anyway, the advice you gave on this post helped me and its making me feel a lot better. So thank you
  3. Leave it yeh.
  4. degrees are worthless you slag!
  5. Hey dreadnaught, was just wondering how you got on with you lse eme application, im studying economics and econometrics at bristol and am thinking of applying in spetember. Thanks.
  6. Hey, thanks for this rapid answer (I posted it on sunday and it said 6 days). I believe the things you said are going to be very useful. I will work on all this tomorow as it was a champions league evening :P. Hopefully I'll join you in Bristol and hopefully Marseille is going to end up first of the group... I keep you informed of the unis I get .
  7. Tell us how economics is not a pseudo science. We are all ears.
  8. I see you're studying Economics at Bristol. I'd love to get into Bristol, especially for the 'with continental study' variation. Are you enjoying your first year? How's the teaching, the course, the social life, the facilities etc? Anything you think applicants should know about it? Thanks!

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