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  1. I caved and studied lipids. He looks like he's sleeping.

    I realised that I'm not even 25% through my actual revision and the exam is on next Tuesday. This will be interesting.

  2. Hm, **** it. I'll take out my remaining vodka. Lipids can wait.
  3. The guy that seen my things is outside in MY garden drinking beer.
  4. Well I was sneezing quite a lot today actually. I never sneeze around the cats, just rashes.

    I'm the most animal-loverish in my family and I'm ****ing allergic to them. FML.

    why are all these *******s getting laid so easily
  6. Apparenty I'm allergic to cats and dogs and that's why I've had rashes on arms for 7 years... and what do I walk into? My sister with a ****ing Chihuahua.

    Omg it's so cute though. It's like Dobby.

    My dad said either live with the rashes or GTFO. D:
  7. Awesome! London is the best city in the UK after all :smug:

    Yeahh! At least the journey wont be as long right?

    Ohhhhhhhhhh crystal ball, crystaaaalll ball
  8. Adele It's like she's the queen of getting dumped. Depressing bitch.

    I was going to start my revision for the biochem exam on 17th but it's Easter :awesome:

    I had to buy myself an Easter egg.

    That's one of my required books for next year.

    Luckily my cousin's fiancée gave me her old copy. **** paying £90~ for a book that I'd probably flick through once.

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    (Original post by I<3LAMP)
    I always feel dirty after staring at your sigs.

    (Original post by LuhLah)
    I bow down to the almighty Arcadia, thou Englishy goddess. Bless me with thy metaphors and similes oh wise one...

    How I made Keane go :lolwut::

    (Original post by Meteorshower)
    Ooh, Namedeprived, it seems you have hit the tangent to her curves, resulting in an ever increasing exponential pleasure function, with limits at infinity
    (Original post by LuhLah)
    I bow down to the almighty Arcadia, thou Englishy goddess. Bless me with thy metaphors and similes oh wise one...
    (Original post by Higgy90)
    dude.. you downloaded 5GB of porn in a day?! your dick must be raw :eek:
    (Original post by venuism)
    Everything in a tin of Quality Street is a euphemism for sodomy...observe: vanilla fudge, big choc block, strawberry surprise, the purple one, chocolate toffee finger
    (Original post by Rui - Photography HND - &lt)
    way to get rich fast: write something most people with half a brain wouldnt wipe their arse with about vampires with the most useless female heroine ever to exist and make it a self insert with **** grammar and a poor attempt to make an ann rice novel your own by making vampires SPARKLE
    Poets that lasting marble seek
    Must carve in Latin or in Greek:
    We write in sand, our language grows
    And like the tide our work o’erflows.

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