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  1. I'm very well thank you! Just bought a new laptop, going back to uni next Saturday! How about you?
  2. Omg, I litterally haven't been on here in months to check my messages then they just popped up on my home page and I was like ahhh I've been ignoring you!
    Yes I'm VERY excited! Are you? Are you coming to the live at home meet up on the 13th?
  3. Yaaaaaay! If you lend me it I will love you forever! :banana:
  4. You smell. Make me some dinner?
  5. Lolololol. Cordelia is my future wife! Back away slowly please, with your hands where I can see them
  6. I'm shocked, sickened, appalled and disgusted that you would hi-five out of my reach. I thought we were fwiends :puppyeyes:

    I didn't end up going to the wedding because of my flu :cry: Why won't it go away? :cry:

    Ahahaha seriously? You don't like France? The French are cool! :pierre:

    Sounds hectic. Are you enjoying yourself, at least? I really want to go to Chicago, just because of the name. I like the way it rolls off the tongue. Same with Oahu. I'm so weird.
  7. Hehehehehe hi five! :five:

    Was working on a boat today. Day off tomorrow, then working on another boat on friday. Then my cousin's getting married on Saturday. Then I'm off to France for 10 days on Tuesday :woo: Oh, and I think I'm getting a cold. I keep sniffing after every sentence. Ick.

    How are yooou?
  8. Ewww peanuts. No, I hate them :no: Although if there is a packet of peanuts next to me I'll still eat them... but I won't enjoy it. Because I hate peanuts. Same with pringles. I hate them... but I kinda have to eat them if they're there. I'm a freak :getmecoat:

    That's awesome!! Ne'er do weeeeeeeeeell!
  9. Never heard of Willesden. Lemme google....

    You're on like the opposite side of London to me (....lucky for you, grrr :dumbells:)

    fhgdgdgfdsfsrsdafjh you're going to Ghana!!!!! :eek:
  10. Of course. I hope you're quaking in your space boots ( do wear space boots, right? :puppyeyes:).

    What part of London? :holmes:

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