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  1. Oh cool, hopefully *fingers crossed* I'll see you soon
  2. No worries! Hope you had a nice visit with your dad.
  3. Thank you.
  4. Somehow managed to miss that last message totally (This only makes me more certain that tsr hates me :holmes:).

    Yeah, when I looked it up it said it was mostly from her perspective which intrigued me as I didn't think the ladies got much of a say in Bond

    Pahhhh... I'm totally bad enough for Cordelia :cool: Like, the other day I totally took my library book back the day AFTER it was due!!!! Oh yeah! and I was all like 'don't even try to fine me, missy' to the librarian and snapping my fingers at her.

    Will hopefully try to catch up with you properly soon, yes? :borat:
  5. thank you sir
  6. Aha, very polite.
  7. I'll give it a go sometime, thanks.
    It's okay, I have a bad habit of doing that.
  8. Somehow managed to post this on my own profile by mistake :laugh: I'm so dopey.....

    Repped you back, that thread needed some love!

    I know, 'tis depressing. But I'm catching up with you post count-wise :awesome:

    (I replied here 'cause I'm on 10 warning points and I don't wanna give them an excuse to give me more for going off topic ).
  9. Had to google her. Ahh. A Bond girl. I see
    Me neither, I just pretend that I don't do it anymore :laugh: I still have a huge (but totally secret, so shhh) crush on Aladdin. Hehehe yes, but if we're both weird it makes it better somehow. Weirdness loves company

    Yorkshire Tea, yay! :gah:
  10. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaause :awesome:

    Ahh I used to be in love with Ash I had so many crushes on cartoon characters when I was younger, I'm such a weirdo :laugh:

    Tea! Make me some please :gah:

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