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  1. Thanks so much! I'll read And the Mountains Echoed and see what I think
  2. Thanks for your message That's great, hopefully you'll love it! I'd have to agree with you about A Thousand Splendid Suns- in my opinion, it's better than the Kite Runner (by a small margin) but the Kite Runner is very different. I was more drawn into the story of A Thousand Splendid Suns but both books had the same poignancy and were utterly amazing! I still haven't read And the Mountains Echoed though, have you? Thanks for your recommendations, I haven't read either yet but I will do now
  3. Hi I saw your message! The Color Purple is quite different to A Thousand Splendid Suns but it's just as inspirational It's written in the style of an uneducated woman whose stepfather rapes her and she is married off to an abusive man. However, in the end she finds herself and her identity. The book evokes so many different emotions and it really struck a chord with me. Do you have any books you would recommend?
  4. I love dobes, they're such wonderful dogs! It's great that you've lived with one so long! Mine passed three years ago now, almost. But we had him 11 great years They're so loyal and look so regal! Now we actually have a Weimaraner as my Dad had always wanted one and my sisters were sill too sad to have another dobe. There's actually a picture of her in my gallery
  5. Hiya, just wanted to say that the dobe in your sig reminds me exactly of mine. Like near identical! They're such great dogs!! I miss mine too
  6. Also, do you live at home? Was it difficult to get a job as a teacher once you finished your PGCE? I am to support myself financially once I am done with the PGCE.
  7. Good. There was a thread ( in the Education and Teaching sub-forum that was quite depressing. :/
    Good to know that you have some time to do stuff you love. Nope, I am a PGCE applicant. Any tips?
  8. Hi, there, how you coping with your NQT year?
    Do you have spare time in the week/weekend? I saw you have a lot of hobbies
  9. Thanks, he is a bit awesome :ahee:
  10. you quoted me in common misconceptions thread yet the post has vanished :confused:

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