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  1. do you go to oxford???
  2. you're dope af homie

    foooooreeeeeallll doc
  3. Thanks for the rep. Have a great evening.
  4. Hey,

    Just was wondering how much Long Vac prep you'd recommend for going into second year.. I haven't started any yet and was wondering what extent of reading or even note-taking would be acceptable/useful, if any..
  5. Great, very relieved. Thanks!
  6. phew it was here i read it, not sure if it's out dated or something?
  7. Hi again! I was looking on the internet and I found a page that says we have to take some kind of 'qualifying exam' in chemistry and physics. Is this true?
  8. Okay, thanks a lot!
  9. Cool, thanks! No it's not because i'm planning on doing major introductory reading, just mainly out of curiosity. I've heard you do prosection? What do you think of that? Also, do you cover the whole body in first year? I'm only asking because i've got some friends in london finishing 1st year and they've only done thorax and abdomen with no limbs or head.
  10. Hey, I'm starting medicine at somerville college oxford next year. I was wondering what books you use in first year? And what things you focus on in anatomy/physiology/biochemistry?

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