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  1. Hi can I ask what you got in your bmat?
  2. Hey, I'm looking to apply to Oxford for medicine (probably St. Edmund Hall, and I was just wondering if you could please tell me your % A* at GCSE was/ that of any other Oxford Med student that you might know as im worried mine are too low (83% A*). Also, what kind of BMAT score do you think is required to have a decent shot at an interview and do you have any tips for preparation? Thanks for any advice you can give

  3. why would you never use a tutor?
  4. Thank you for your help - yeah i think biomed/chem would be a better option
  5. Hi there, thank you for your reply of my post about unis that don't look at personal statements. I want to apply to medicine as a 5th choice. I got 4 rejections for dentistry this year - and just wanted to make sure that if it happened Again next year I might have a chance to do med then dent - (I've been thinking though, medicine is so competitive too) - could yh give my some advice on what to do please ?

    Thank you,
  6. Oh right, no problem. Thanks for your help anyway!
  7. Hi, sorry to be a pain....but did you quote me in the applying to clinical school thread? Because I can't seem to find your post! If you haven't deleted it, would you mind re-posting/messaging it to me? Thanks
  8. Thank you, you worded it better than I could haha. I understand their amazing bias towards their system given they're part of it, but I failed to see how anywhere with CCC requirements and no one failing could compare with the UK 'elitist' system.
  9. Hello. I am Christine and an alumna of the University of Oxford Intellectual Property Law.

    I just saw your comments on the thread, and randomly picked you to answer this very stupid question.

    I'm planning to visit the University this December with a friend, is entrance to the campus including the museums and the Bodleian open to everybody?
  10. Hello,

    I want to get into Oxford to study medicine and I was wondering if you could help me

    What sort of things were you asked in the interview and how did you prepare for it?
    How did you prepare for the BMAT? & UKCAT?
    What sort of extra-curriculars, volunteering and work-experience did you do?
    What medical books or ethical books you read (or any other books which you would recommend)?
    And just any tips and advice would be really helpful.


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