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  1. Hey there

    They finally emailed me:

    "Sorry for the late reply. I would be unable to confirm whether you will achieve the cut off because we cannot predict the cut off scores for this year until all applications have been received and scored. I can confirm that as you have already achieved your A-level grades, these will also count when adding up your score. The scores for A-level grades are given on a sliding scale and can increase your scores anywhere between 1 to 4 points. This can significantly boost your academic score, meaning you may make the cut off point.

    However, as with all applications there are no guarantees and you would be in direct competition with all other applicants in that cycle. "

    From what I was thinking:

    AAA- 1 extra point
    A*AA-2 extra points
    A*A*A- 3 extra points
    A*A*A* or better- 4 extra points


    The lower your GCSE score, the more points you get??

    :unsure: I'll call them up today because they took 15 days to reply :sigh:

    EDIT: Just called them up and they said, they weren't sure how many points I'll get, but when I told them my academic score was 22, she said I might get 4 points or 1 point! They told me to email them which I've done :lol:
  2. Hi, thanks for your response!

    That would be nice if you could ask them
    I'll be waiting :crossedf:
  3. Hi,

    In the cardiff med thread, you said they added 4 points to your academic score out of 27.

    How did you find this info out? Open day?
  4. stargirl2012
    I wanted to slyly quote the TCV song with 9/10. One of the best tracks on the album in my opinion, up there with mind eraser no chaser.
  5. Oh and if you would be so kind as to put your UKCAT average onto the page then I'll be grateful :yep:
  6. Organ
    thanks :yy:
  7. Organ
    thanks :yy: all the best with ucas
  8. Organ
    notts is first, after that either Liverpool or Cardiff - Aberdeen is great but the travelling distance isnt great
  9. They do give preference to West Yorkshire people, or so they say. There must've been somewhere very special about you my friend. :smug:

    Sure you were fully clothed throughout your time with the female interviewer? :ninja:
  10. The story... I totally want to rep you for but have ran out for today. :rofl:

    Are you from West Yorkshire by any chance?

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