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  1. HI MALSY :love:
  2. :poke:
  3. Which pic don't you like I'll destroy it

    I'm good thanks

    Hope you are well.

    Remember the marriage? Did we ever get a divorce :ninja: cause I don't remember signing any papers

    Yeah North as in North of England

    How are you? Have you started using tsr less or have you quit it. Btw Your post count looks decent. :hat2:

  4. loooooooooooool it is very funny acting like a lesbo girl I'm attached to it

  5. I came back to tsr

    I'm currently in a lesbian relationship with ibysaiyan

    My name is Asha and I'm 19 doing my a-levels (chem, bio and psychol)

    If you log on and see my profile don't get alarmed I am still Jack
  6. Sure I know bro. :ahee: MISS YOU TOO m8
  7. where u been hiding doe
  8. G8D
    Glasgow is cool, now tell me about you :eyeball:
  9. Malsy
    Wipeeeeeeee, Lawyer, Scottish, Ha. Glasgow is cooooooooool.
  10. G8D
    I'm a law student at Glasgow uni :beard:

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    Who the **** cares; we all die and rot anyway.

    PM me anytime; I am actually rather nice (which is part of the problem, ha) XD

    HEY! Hi!
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    4 A-levels.
    I am not interested in anything you have to say, unless, of course, I like you.
    Does this work?

    ^OK, as of Jan. 2010.

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